Slick’s 2020 Playoff Overreactions

Slick’s 2020 Playoff Overreactions
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I was writing a quick one in the comment section, then I realized that I could just type it here and let you guys have at it…


It’s playoff time and as usual, only one AFCE team was good enough to qualify. What’s different is that this time it wasn’t the Pats. Let’s get right after it:


Losers: Last place- Jets. At home, no coach, no hope for the future. Second to last- Pats. At home, GM is so bad that there is no hope for the future Third to last- Fins. At home, Watson wants to play there, they have the #3 overall pick and a bright future. Lube up!       



First place- The Buffalo Bills The Bills played their first home playoff game in a quarter century this weekend and I’ll be damned they actually won. Well, it’s not really a surprise becasue they are a good team with a good head coach, but they are the Bills, so whenever something good happens to them, you always expect the other shoe to drop any minute. They tried to lose this game, but fortunately for them, Frank Reich wanted to prove to the Bills Mafia that he’s a Bill for life, even if he’s coaching the other team. Josh Allen made a couple of nice throws (he also made at least one that cost his team 6 points), but he also did Josh Allen things and tried his best to give the Colts another shot late. But the Refs would have none of that, they were on the Bills’ side all day and weren’t going to be swayed by silly things like video evidence. (also, anyone who watch Tre White hang all over TY Hilton all day and still wants to cry about the Bills not getting any calls can kiss the underside of my ass) In the end, the Bills won the game and now get to welcome the Ravens for a divisional round game. The way Bills fans were sweating during the Browns/ Steelers game, that other shoe may be dropping on Saturday night.


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