Slick’s 2020 Week 10 Overreactions


Slick’s 2020 Week 10 Overreactions
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Woo hoo!  What a week of football in the AFC East.  We had it all, a thrilling shootout, the rise of a rookie, a sloppy mudfest and we didn’t even have to subject ourselves to the Jets’ interesting brand of “football”.  Let’s not waste any time and get right after it.  


With the Jets on the bye, last place goes to the Bills (ahh, sometimes in a world of chaos, everything just lines up perfectly…).  The Bills have been playing some of their best football of the season over the past two weeks in their tour of the AFC West (yes, the Seattle game was in Buffalo), but the Bills proved that they are still the Bills and can always snatch defeat away from the jaws of victory.  The Bills opened the game fairly hot, building a 7-point halftime lead.  Then the third quarter arrived and so did third quarter Josh Allen who proceeded to throw his customary interception, allowing the Cards to get in rhythm and flip that lead into a 3-point deficit.  Josh’s shaky play continued into the 4th quarter, forcing the defense to expend extra energy in the thin Phoenix air.  But when the Bills took the lead in the final minute, it looked like they’d be able to cling to the win…Not so fast, these are still the Bills we’re talking about here, the exhausted Bills defense placidly allowed the Cards’ move the ball to the 43 with 11 seconds on the clock.  Game over, Cards win.  At the very least, the 2020 Bills team will live forever in the top 10 shows as the team to lose to the “Hail Murray”.  


The Jets were on the bye.  (fun fact, this is the highest they’ve been in our rankings all season) 


On to the winners.  


The Fins come in second this week.  They welcomed the 2 win Chargers to South Florida and looked good in beating a team they should beat.  Tua made some real progress, nearly doubling his passing yardage total from last week and continuing to not make mistakes.  I think we all know that Tua was trying to prove to the world that for all the hype the fake news media threw on Herbert early this season, the three years of hype about Tua was the real deal.  This was the type of win that you like to see out of an up and coming team, they were supposed to win and they methodically took care of business, jumping to a big lead, then just grinding out the game.  I’m pretty sure this is the championship experience of all the ex-Patriots down there, they know how to win and seem to be passing that wisdom on to the younger kids in the locker room.  This will prove important as they close the gap and eventually play the Bills in week 17 for the division title.  What a time to be alive!  


And once again, right back where they have spent the majority of the past two decades, the Patriots.  In first place.  Kind of makes you feel like things are getting back to normal, right?  The Pats welcomed the Ravens and the reigning NFL MVP to Foxboro for a Sunday night battle of classic rivals.  Most fans were of the mind that this game should have been flexed back to the afternoon, since the Ravens were just going to kick the Pats’ teeth in anyway, but little did they know, that the Pats have been just sitting there, biding their time…Bill Belichick unleashed all of his ungodly powers to reassert his claim to the title of master of all things the in the NFL.  HE harnessed the power of the rains and the winds to break to spirits of his opponents and once again seems to have used his black magics to turn a former college QB into an unstoppable force at WR.  He even summoned the spirit of the aforementioned Julian Edelman into the body of his dark creation to have him throw a gorgeous touchdown pass on a beautifully timed trick play.  And lastly, when it looked like the Ravens might just have enough will to battle through the trickery and magic, Bill cast his most devious spell of butter on the fingers of the Ravens’ center (a spell which has been used to great success in the past against the likes of Ryan Tannehill), causing nearly every snap to go astray.  Watch out NFL, Bill refilled his potion kit.     


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