SR Dynasty Fantasy League Rankings


SR Dynasty Fantasy League Rankings
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Lots of movers and shakers this week as some of our asleep teams awoke and put up some big numbers on the week. The injuries continue to roll in, but the season rolls on without them. Here’s how the teams stack up heading into week 4:
#10 – CJ&CJ Atty’s at Ball aka EJ (down 1 spot)
Disappointment is all CJ can probably come up with as far as this team goes. Good news is, the underperformance can’t last forever and this is his team (for better or worse) for the long haul. He’s in planning mode for the 2016 NFL draft already. He faces off against nose this week.
#9 – Homerun Darby aka Linkage (down 2 spots)
Well he was on a one game winning streak last week, but that came to an abrupt end last week as he didn’t manage to break 100 pts. If CJ manages to pull out a win this week, he’ll likely be leapfrogging Link, who currently sits as the lowest scoring team in the league. (Thanks for having your best week against me by the way, realllll nice).
#8 – Manning Face aka Archer (up 1 spot)
Archer took home the dub-ya this week against our 4th ranked team. That got him pushed up in the rankings this week. Luck is out again this week so his team will have to continue its playoff pursuit with King Jameis at the helm.
#7 – Its Deztiny aka Gene Hackman (down 1 spots)
Two game losing streak for Deztiny, after a hot start the absence of Dez Bryant is starting to take its toll on the squad, along with the recent sidelining of Steve Smith. He will look to bounce back this week against the Linkage.
#6 – Belichick Yo’self aka Nossorc (up 1 spot)
In a battle between mortal enemies iyce decided to not play a tight end last week which led to a fairly easy victory. LeVeon Bell continues to make his cases for #1 RB in the NFL. Up this week is none other than the defeated CJ.
#5 – Pimpin Ain’t Easley aka Hooded ()
Hooded is on a 3 week slide right now, but he’s putting up points, so we could see the streak end this week. DeAndre Hopkins is surging right now and in the early running for steal of the year as far as his 4th round draft status goes. He faces of against fellow Patriot Vinny this week.
#4 – Down with ODB aka nikvoodoo (down 1 spot)
Here’s the scary part, now this team is getting its players back. Nik survived a ridiculous preseason and made some good pickups during the roster repair he went through. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Next up is Luciano as he tries to stop the streak.
#3 – The Replacements aka FinFan (up 1 spot)
I know these rankings are super important to Fin, so I’ll bump him up a spot this week. His team continues to churn out wins on the back of Keenan Allen. Risky move here by the squad as they went for the midseason name change to rid themselves of the Suh label. Up this week, the forehead team.
#2 – i’m better than you aka Slick ()
Despite a Patriots (Gronk) bye week, Slick put together another league leading week. He’s the highest scoring squad in our league now, and “power” wise it’s hard not to put him up top, but there ain’t no messin’ with an undefeated record. He gets Hooded the week.
#1 – ThumbCrushers aka Luciano ()
SSDW. Luciano continues to roll along, in the same manner the Patriots have been. It’s fun being king, isn’t it? Injuries are mounting as he faces off against resurgent Nik.


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