SR Dynasty Fantasy League Rankings


SR Dynasty Fantasy League Rankings
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Injuries are starting to mount, bye weeks are close to wrapping up and the playoff push is around the corner, here’s how the teams stack up heading into week 9:
#10 – Homerun Darby aka Linkage (down 1 spot) Season Record: 1-7 (923 PF, 1,110 PA)
Link is on a league high 5 week losing streak and judging by the projections as of Friday morning, it doesn’t appear that streak is going to come to an end this week against Hooded.
#9 – Tank for Hank aka EJ (up 1 spot) Season Record: 1-7 (1,038 PF, 1,219 PA)
I didn’t get a chance to congratulate Mr. EJ on his first win of the season last week cause of my lack of a rankings article, but here it is, as he gets moved up to the #9 spot in the rankings just ahead of his 1-win compadre, for better or worse.
#8 – Manning Face aka Archer (down 3 spots) Season Record: 4-4 (1,006 PF, 1,059 PA)
What a disappointing season for Luck, can’t sit him cause he’s Andrew Luck, but you probably should because he leads the league in interception and really hasn’t been his typical throw for a million yards self this year. .
#7 – Keenan & Kelce aka FinFan (down 1 spot) Season Record: 4-4 (1,057 PF, 1,052 PA)
He reshuffles his entire roster and makes a crafty trade to acquire Travis Kelce so he can have a sweet fantasy team name, and then Mr. Keenan decides to lacerate his kidney. Not very nice of Keenan, but either way, that is a huge blow to Fin’s squad as they head for the stretch run.
#6 – Its Deztiny aka Gene Hackman (down 1 spot) Season Record: 5-3 (1,038 PF, 1,066 PA)
Rough couple of weeks for Gene’s squad as he had Steve Smith sent to IR, Joseph Randle cut, Matt Forte banged up and Dez Bryant look like a fantasy zero with Matt Cassel throwing him the ball. A lot of reshuffling is going to be needed to stay in the 4th playoff spot.
#5 – Pimpin Ain’t Easley aka Hooded (up 3 spots) Season Record: 4-4 (1,262 PF, 1,166 PA)
Hooded’s team is putting up points at a ferocious pace the past few weeks as he has jumped into the league lead in point scored. He’s primed for a playoff run for the second year in a row if the wins can keep coming and the injury bug stays away.
#4 – Belichick Yo’self aka Nossorc () Season Record: 5-3 (1,124 PF, 1,093 PA)
Tough blow to the squad this week as LeVeon Bell went down with a season ending injury only a few weeks after rejoining the team from a suspension. Going to take some patch work to get the RB group to score enough to win going forward. All hail Tom Brady.
#3 – Tuck a Buck Express aka Slick (down 1 spot) Season Record: 4-4 (1,223 PF, 1,130 PA)
Slick’s squad is still churning out points every week, he just has to hope that the Dolphins and Lamar Miller don’t play the Pats every week or else that top flight run defense led by Chandler Jones and Devin McCourty will be yielding very few points.
#2 – ThumbCrushers aka Luciano (down 1 spot) Season Record: 6-2 (1,122 PF, 1,039 PA)
Luciano’s hobbled squad beat me up pretty good last week as he showed that he still deserves to be toward the top of these rankings. He finally suffered a couple losses however, so I feel justified in removing him from the top spot, for at least a week.
#1 – Down with ODB aka nikvoodoo (up 2 spots) Season Record: 6-2 (1,164 PF, 1,023 PA)
Streaky Nik has been on a roll with a league high 4-week winning streak on his hands. He faces off against the mighty nossorc’s this week in a matchup with playoff implications. We will see if the once injury riddled squad can continue on its vengeance tour.


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