SR Dynasty FF League Rankings


SR Dynasty FF League Rankings
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It’s been two weeks since the last set of TSR Dynasty League rankings, a lot has changed and a lot hasn’t changed since then. Here’s how the teams stack up heading into week 7 and the playoff push:
#10 – Tank for Hank aka EJ ()
Tank mode is in full effect, team has good bones, and EJ has really run into some bad luck this year. A good draft in 2016 and we’ll be hearing from EJ again. (He probably doesn’t want me to rank him #1 in my preseason power rankings next year though)
#9 – Homerun Darby aka Linkage ()
Link is fighting his fellow Bills fan CJ for the overall number one pick next spring. He has a win thanks to me right now so he’s in the #2 draft spot. Not much else to say here.
#8 – Pimpin Ain’t Easley aka Hooded (down 3 spots)
Rough week for Mr. Hooded, he’s putting up the points but the wins aren’t coming. Last minute single digit has hooded in a tough playoff spot and he needs to go on a right now for a chance to defend his title.
#7 – Its Deztiny aka Gene Hackman (down 1 spot)
I think we’ve all heard 37 times this week that Mr. Deztiny is going to win the fantasy league this year. He should get a boost when Dez Bryant returns, but we’re probably still a week away from that. In the meantime, he has an important week against Hooded.
#6 – Keenan & Kelce aka FinFan (down 3 spots)
Moved him up in the rankings and how do I get repaid? With a two-week losing streak. Poor form sir, poor form. Sweet new name though, amiright? He faces off against the league doctor this week.
#5 – Manning Face aka Archer (up 3 spots)
Archer’s team is on fire right now winning 3 straight and Andrew Luck appears healthy and ready to throw it 50 times a game again after taking some notes from Hasselbeck as he nursed his shoulder.
#4 – Belichick Yo’self aka Nossorc (up 1 spot)
Depending on who you’re asking, we’re talking about the hottest team in the league right here. Good news is the debate will be settled as Nossorc & Archer face off this week to see who goes on to a 4 week winning streak.
#3 – Down with ODB aka nikvoodoo (up 1 spot)
Here we go, he stops sending players to IR and starts putting together wins, who woulda thunk it? Team is shaping up nicely for the stretch run as long as he holds on tight to that rabbit’s foot.
#2 – Tuck a Buck Express aka Slick ()
A lot has changed in the last two weeks, including a 2-game slide and new name change by the college fund for ladies without Dads. His team still remains built for big points so I’m keeping him in the #2 power spot.
#1 – ThumbCrushers aka Luciano ()
He has a chink in his armor now but he still remains a top the league looking down on all of the rest of us. His perch could be in jeopardy this week though, as he faces off against the hot and cold Slick, which one will he get?


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