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Taiwanese News Sports Agency Special Report

Taiwanese News Sports Agency Special Report
S/R Staff
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Week 12 – The Bills win on Black Sunday

At this time of year our little island (full of southern hicks) is very susceptible to typhoons, we try to get our facts straight, but its not always easy. We missed on one of the three games last week, not bad for a bunch of hillbillies.

Welcome to Black Sunday!

Disclaimer: please do read, but do not bet your house on my account!

Jets@ Ravens

Picking the Jets last week was a colossal mistake, we totally dismissed the odd/even week thing, and as a result we blew it. Ravens suck, but Jets on the road suck even more. The result will be the end of the seesaw. Hard to imagine Geno playing well in this environment., and Flacco will screw up just less than Geno to win this game (I would be very happy to be wrong here)

Jets  –  Ravens= 21-24


The Carolina Panthers are quickly becoming the 49ers of this season, that is why I still believe they win out over the Saints. Dolphins won as expected against a soft Charger team. This week there is no chance; this defense will cripple them. If Miami can’t run, they simply cannot win; they do not run this week.

Panthers – Dolphins = 27-10


Patriots will lose their second straight! This game no matter what stats  gurus show us, will come down to the simplest of football. On one side you have the best offense in the league, and although Patriots defense is much improved, the Broncos will be too much for them. On the other side a Patriots offense on the rise. They will score on the Broncos, but not nearly as much. Broncos are the Pats of 2007.

Broncos – Patriots = 37 – 30

TNSA Special Report
Taiwan ( a little island in the middle of the Mississippi River)


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