Tank you, Next

Tank you, Next
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Wow, I can hardly believe that the two biggest upsets this weekend went our way. The Falcons and Jaguars beating the 49ers and the last game in Oakland for the Raiders was just incredible for Dolphin draft stock. Sure the Steelers and Texans are basically locked into the playoffs (it’s impossible for both to miss now), but Miami has a 97.2% chance of landing a top 5 pick per Football Outsiders. The worst I can see Miami finishing now is #8 in draft order but top 4 is probable and even #1 is within reach. Now onto the relatively steady Power Tankings, presented by CGC5783:

There weren’t too many major moves in this week’s Power Tankings, but there was one in particular that caused us to make a change. The Washington Redskins managed to pull off a loss to Philadelphia Eagles, yet somehow experienced such a drastic drop in their value. Due to a series of other game’s outcomes, the Dolphins SoS dropped further than the Redskins thus bumping them down from picking #3 overall to #4. This caused the Redskins to drop 7 spots in this week’s Tankings, so we’ve added a new column on the left. The arrow and corresponding number notes shifts from where teams stood in the tankings last week. We’ll keep this new notation as we’re expecting some serious movement in the tankings based on the outcomes of this week’s games.
And now onto the weekly Fin Fan Rooting Rankings:
Miami fans went 4-5 last week which is pretty awesome considering the amount of upsets we had to root for. It looks like Miami has about a 6% chance to get #1 overall using five thirty eight’s NFL game predictions. However, the most likely finish is somewhere between 2 and 5 (gut feel is #4). A loss to the Bengals all locks in a top 3 finish assuming the pats beat us. By the way, it’s all about Miami’s top pick now. The Texans and Steelers can’t both miss the playoffs and the pick would only fall to ~18 if they did (from 20-24).

  1. Bengals (@ Miami): 2 years ago the Red Rocket propelled another AFCE team to postseason drought busting glory with week 17 heroics against the Ravens. This year, we root for the Red Rocket to give the Dolphins a similar favor and win out! Besides, they benched you for a 4th Rounder Andy, they don’t care about you!
  2. Giants (@ Redskins): The most likely path to #1 or #2 overall involves a giants win. Miami can’t catch the giants on SOS so they need less wins. However, if Miami wins, a Redskins victory would actually be preferred.
  3. Lions (@ Denver): A lions win combined with a dolphins loss guarantees a top 4 finish for Miami and helps Miami against the Giants and Skins for SOS (both played the Lions).
  4. Buccs (vs Texans): A Buccs win damages Giants SOS while giving the Titans a chance to either win the division or potentially knock out the Steelers in week 17 in Houston.
    Ok, it starts to get really sketchy here, but here’s what I’ve been able to piece together.

  6. Browns (vs Ravens) & Patriots (vs Bills): Pairing these results is the least SOS damaging way to help the steelers miss the playoffs. Ravens would have to beat the Steelers week 17 to secure homefield.
  7. Panthers (@ Indy): Miami played the Colts, redskins played the Panthers. Panthers win aids Miami’s SOS, hurts the Redskins.
  8. Bears (vs chiefs): Another SOS play as the Redskins and Giants played the Giants this year. Neither played the chiefs.
  9. Titans (vs Saints): Keeps hope alive the Titans can knock out one of the Texans/Steelers.
  10. 49ers (vs rams) & Cardinals (@ seattle): These are SOS plays as the Redskins played the 49ers this year and the Giants played the Cardinals.
  11. Steelers (@ Jets): A steelers loss wouldn’t kill Miami, but SOS trumps pick position, the steelers are a first round exit if they make the playoffs.

And remember, Go Dolphins…
Just not this year


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