The Josh Allen Report

The Josh Allen Report
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Another week, another uninspiring Bills victory. At least our boy Josh Allen wasn’t the cause for Bills fans’ weekly stress.
The Good: The fourth quarter is once again where Allen shines the brightest. After a sub-par first half where they Bills managed three whole field goals against the worst team in the league. Allen went 10/11 for 112 yards in the second half, the best of which was on a 12 play, 98 yard drive following Tre White’s game changing INT. Allen went 6/6 for that drive, hitting multiple receivers for 73 yards. If this kid ever gets it on track and plays an entire game at that level, watch out. I was also impressed by several of the touch passes Allen dished out, he’s getting better at those every week.
The Bad: Well, the first half. 6/15 for 90 yards. He wasn’t helped by big drops from Knox and Beasley either, and overall, this was one of Allen’s better games from a ball security and accuracy standpoint. Not that that is saying much.
The Ugly: I guess a natural consequence of spending all your time practicing short throws and intermediate accuracy is that your deep ball will suffer. But I am getting tired of seeing overthrows on deep passes where the WR has three steps on the DB, seemingly every week.
On an unrelated note:
I guess you never can count out a division rival, especially with Fitzmagic at the helm. After shutting down QBs weekly for the entire season, Fitz looked good against a previously stout Bills defense.
I generally like McDermott at a coach, but stop playing so damn conservative with a lead, my dude.
Singletary didn’t do much in his return. That’s disappointing.

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