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The team many doubted before this has clinched a spot in the playoffs. Some were saying their QB was no good this year and there was no way they would win enough. They had a strong defense but question marks on offense with new faces on the offensive line and skill positions and a huge part of the offense the prior years was gone as well. The team I am talking about is the New England Patriots.

Miami Dolphins: Back in Business

The Dolphins needed to get back on track, there were some concerns they might learn how to win this year which would affect them getting a top 5 pick. They needed a high pick because this team is as flawed as the original Death Star. The Bengals have the #1 pick on lockdown so the Dolphins needed to settle for #2. The Giants were a team competing for that and the Dolphins would go down swinging. Eli Manning was typical Eli Manning and they still blew out the Dolphins. Flores was masterful as a coach, getting his defense and offense to blow the plethora of opportunities given to them by the horrible Giants team. It was a solid day for the Dolphins as the offense was in sync the entire game and the defense made sure to break and not bend. I give this game a B+ and is a sign of Flores making his mark on the culture.

New England Patriots: Overcoming

The Patriots had a turbulent year. The offense gave the team no favors and the defense was for the most part, the best in the NFL. However there were cracks showing as Tom Brady is the second worst QB in the NFL right now and the offense has no direction. But the Patriots are resilient and they buckled up and Did Their Job. They first started the gameplan by having a film crew “film” the Bengals sidelines so the media would be focus on that while the Patriots focus on winning. Then the Bengals would scrap all their signals because of the “filming” confusing everyone on offense. The Patriots then profit as Andy Dalton does his bad Andy and has turnovers galore. The Patriots took advantage of these turnovers and even with Tom Brady being Captain Checkdown, they still scored some points. This Patriots team might not be as dominant as past teams but they are tough and when it matters, they mean business.

Buffalo Bills: Suck it

The Bills played on Sunday Night which was actually terrible as it meant we all had to listen to Chris Collinsworth. It was a game against two dominant defenses. The pass game had its struggles as the playcalling gave Josh Allen no favors, it was hard to get into a rhythm and John Brown was only receiver who came to play. Cole Beasley had a bad game because it was playoffs in Fantasy which means all my players crap the bed. When only one player shows up, it is hard to have success throwing the ball and it showed. Thankfully the run game was reliable as Singletary had a solid game rushing. The defense deserved the game ball as they carried the team making Duck Hodges look like Sam Darnold in Primetime. Tre White is a top 3 CB in the NFL and he was finally able to show it in the National Spotlight where thousands of people were watching. It was a slugfest and when it mattered most, Josh Allen was clutch, leading the winning drive by himself. Josh Allen had many haters, some saying he would never make the playoffs and Sam Darnold would have a better record than him. Those people have backtracked and are now saying they only meant he would never win a Super Bowl. Well those people were wrong before and they will be wrong again. Josh Allen is here to stay.

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