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To Odell or not? …a fantasy reality

To Odell or not? …a fantasy reality
Luciano 11
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The title is a bit of an overreaction, and no, I’m not Slick! However, it has become a way of life, for those of us that not only love the NFL, but also love FF!


Some of us will wait 8-9 months to have these 16-17 weeks of ecstasy! Some of us are insane…..I know I am!


We no longer just root for our team….I mean we do….as long as a particular player that wears our colors is not facing my fantasy team, that is!


It is very hard to root for teams/players/situations, weekly, when you play this absurd, yet captivating game. Please understand, that when I say these things, I am not putting anyone down, and I consider myself a total junkie of its consequences.


With our members here, some of us play two different leagues, and that only multiplies the problems. Example: I played Nikvoodoo in D league, and he had three players starting (McCaffrey, Mariota and L. Miller) that I also had starting, in a totally different game, dynasty, vs. Dud! How do you root? Excitement turns in to anger into disappointment incredibility quick!


Then we come to a bigger heartbreak! To Odell or not to Odell? Your #1 pick, a very good FF player is out with what nobody knows what, I mean we are told its a small ankle sprain, yet he has not played in weeks. So its a Monday night game, and you have to have a roster spot for a last minute replacement, and decide: do I play these 18+ points, or do I say screw it and take on the more secure lesser 8-9 points with the extra player? Sounds confusing, easy, mind bogging?

If you were smart, you would have drafted a OBJ replacement for this exact purpose, but is Sheppard OBJ? NOOOOOOO.


BTW, when I wrote this, I still didn’t know the outcome of this week’s FF games. This is not an after thought…these are day of game feelings, that all of us lunatics go through!

I’m not crying foul here, just trying to expose some of the feelings us FF lovers go through daily/weekly!…………BUT!……

………I will play over and over and over again, and none of these heartaches matter!


If you have never played FF, you are missing out on what has made this league, the #1 league in America! And before you discredit this…..


… the late 80s, Rotisserie League Baseball turned MLB into a game nobody wanted to miss. MLB players started to juice like never before, because their HRs were huge in games outside of the diamonds. MLB grew like never before…..salaries increased at an alarming rate….then the fantasy lovers discovered that it could be adopted into a game that needed stats driven fans more than anything…….Fantasy Football has grown, the game has grown, salaries are growing………coincidence?

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