Week 1: Gameday

Week 1: Gameday
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After nearly months of waiting and enduring the existence of baseball, the new NFL season is upon us! Today only features two AFC East games on the slate since the Bills already took care of business on Thursday and we have a division game to kick us off.
CJ’s can’t miss predictions:
Miami (-3.5) over New England, 31-17. The Dolphins, unlike the Patriots, surrounded their new QB with actual talent. Easy win for the Fish Fkers today.
Baltimore (-6.5) over NYJ, 43-13. The potential for a Joe Flacco Revenge Game is there, but the Jets are a dumpster fire and the Ravens are healthy for a change. Though that may only last a week or two.
Just remember, it doesn’t matter what any of these teams do today, because the Bills are going 20-0.

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