Week 14 Playoff Implications

Luciano 11

Week 14 Playoff Implications
Luciano 11
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As we approach week 14, the focus for some is that Wild Card spot that assures you a ticket to the dance. Some will be occupied trying to figure who becomes their next God in round one, but two teams here, will be fighting to dance with the hot girl in the corner.


When the season started the Bills were supposed to be here, maybe with a better record, but here nonetheless. Their opponent was designed and carefully prepared all summer long, the Miami Dolphins. Some actually believed that the Dolphins would be fighting for the top spot. Surprise, surprise, its not the Fins, but the Jets, that 4-12 team is now 7-5.


Four weeks to go, each week is crucial.



This game affects the Steelers in our scenario. The Bengals will win the AFCN, Steelers at 7-5 need the victory in order to keep pace and improve a lousy conference record. Steelers are as good an offense as there is the league, but the Bengals score even more. My pick here….Bengals



Colts are tied for first place, only one of these teams (Texans) will have a saying on who from our division dances. Colts are a mess, yet here they are, I expect them to lose in Jacksonville



Chiefs are the team that unless they have a meltdown, nobody will catch them. Chargers suck at every level, and this Too-Much-Rivers-Too-Often-Offenses has not scared anyone yet. Chiefs win



Texans looked like they were ready to make a run, but regressed to the crappy team we have all come to love. Patriots losing three in a row, we have to go back to 2002, not happening, Patriots win. After this game only thing the Texans can hope for is a Colts collapse and take first place.



For the purpose of this article, this is the  most important game of the week. The Bills got back in the WC discussion with a good rare win at home (3-3). They travel to Philadelphia with a road record that matches their home one. The Eagles are a team that can look like the Browns for a few weeks, and then turn themselves into the Seahawks. They beat the Patriots in NE, a rare feat for sure.

This game features the return of LeSean McCoy, as he faces the HC he eloquently attacked all summer. I expect McCoy to play with a “Chip” on his shoulder, as Kelly makes him pay for all the racist remarks. Bills will have to depend on a very good Tyrod, and his scrambling. This game will be close, very close, but I expect the Eagles to come out the winners as they are deeply involved in a fight for first place.



The second most important game of the week. The Jets who currently have a game lead on their neighbors from Western NY, have the easier game, at home (4-2) against a rookie QB and a 2-3 road team. Tennessee has a good defense, one that makes it hard to run against. The Jets have been winning by way of the pass, as the run game has become secondary. I expect another huge game from Bilal Powell with screens, and Marshall/Decker will feast on their secondary. Jets win easily as Malden meets Mariota often


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