Week 2 Recap

Luciano 11

Week 2 Recap
Luciano 11
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Dolphins @ Jaguars
I picked the Dolphins to win 27-13
Not to pick on my friend Dud, but this was a total Dud!
Dolphins, if they are to be a playoff contender, need to pretend they could have beaten a perennial bottom feeder. At this point its safe to say that the Suh signing has failed, at least up to now. That DL was supposed to have been the culprit of all their run stopping deficiencies, teams still run, and the holes still look huge. Overall, I saw Reshad Jones play his heart out, but let’s face it, the rest stunk, against a team with no playmakers, and a QB that is still trying to learn his way around the stadium.
Offensively it wasn’t any better. Ryan Tannehill plays hard every week, on a better team he may even be considered elite; on this team he is less than serviceable. The OL may be even worst than a year ago, and at one point Albert walked off (not sure of his status as I write this). Lamar Miller is still on vacation, because he is yet to show up. If Miami cannot run the football well, Tannehill will not be able to win many games. Kenny Stills is what we all thought he was, just another body. Parker has yet to deliver anything, and so far Jarvis Landry (Thank God for him!!!) looks like he is the real deal, and maybe the best WR of that mazing class of a year ago.
Bring on the Bills! That game should be quite interesting, the loser will be fighting for a .500 record.


Patriots @ Bills
Bills pull it off 23-22, this was the way my prediction was written, The Bills pulled off an embarrassing loss! We all bought into the hype, it just never materialized.
The game plan was simple, talk big all week, and put the fear of God in them. The crowd was loud, but it got quieter as the first quarter ended. Rex said the whole league wants us to beat the Pats, but had nothing to back that up. Roman’s (The Genius) game plan was atrocious. Clearly they have no trust in Tyrod, not yet. The kid is not allowed to throw anything deeper than his shadow, and that is no joke. A lot of his passes were so short, they were almost backward laterals. If the Bills truly want to develop a QB, they need to trust the kid and not give up on him too fast, the way they gave up on EJ last year. However, if he has to throw 30+ times per game, you will be lucky to win 6 games.
Defensively the Bills were manhandled everywhere. New England chose not to run, because the passing game was too easy to accept. Tom has as quick a release as there is ever been in the game, you have to game plan differently, and frankly, as much as the Bills have decent CBs, they do not have enough to play Brady and Gronk.
Bills were so undisciplined all game long, Rex needs to spend more time teaching and less talking; next week its on to Miami for the Pretenders Bowl.


What I learned week 2
The NY Giants suck!
Joe Philbin still looks lost on the sidelines
Chip should consider going back to the Left Coast
Texans keep proving that beyond JJ they have lots of emptiness
The Saints indeed suck
Lions miss Suh
Arizona maybe the best team in football, until Palmer gets hurt again
Bradford has never been, will never be a top QB
Browns not as bad as we thought
Slow it down and get off the Mariota train while you can
Apparently Tom Brady is not old yet
Suh’s HUGE contract only helped his bank account
Rams are still the Rams
Tyrod is less than serviceable
Why is Kubiak still a HC in this league?
Lazor’s Innovative Offense is as effective as it is in Philly

DeMarco Murray misses the Dallas OL
I wonder if the 6-0 shirt order was cancelled on time?


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