AFC East

Week 3 AFCE Predictions

Week 3 AFCE Predictions
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Week 3 AFCE Predictions

AFCE is interesting this year, at least so far. Bills are on pace to be 16-0.Pats in second at 16-0 (hard to do since they place one another twice), Jets and Dolphins 0-16.  Something has to give!!!!

Week to date Record……..3-3


Week 3 Games



Jets win by 20!!!!! Right……..

Let’s face it, I don’t care if Tom or BB play QB on Sunday, Jets are not going to NE and win!!!

No excuses RAAT!!!! Jets not as good, even with Sam and co healthy!

Let me go on record as saying this, if Antonio plays all year, this will be the best Patriots team ever! 19-0 is not a dream (or nightmare for some of us)……Patriots 43-16



Here comes win #1!!!!!…….Right…….

Hard to really give you guys any kind of real insight, the Dolphins are a total joke, and YES, the NFL should look into the worst “fake” tanking in NFL history!

Cowboys D and O will destroy the sea mammals……..Cowboys 40-6




Bengals win, the Bungles win!!!!………Right……

Sorry folks, but this week picks are too easy. Bengals suck, and without Green they suck even more. They have played hard, yes, but they suck. No OL, weird for a Bengals team, let me repeat, no OL. This is a team that maybe more so than any other in NFL history has always had a good OL….not anymore. Bills D will devour them at home.……….Bills 23-13

Final Notes

As a Jets fan, I had hoped for a better start to the season, for sure! But as a realist of this division, I also know that the Patriots are riding the best QB in NFL history, and that is a ride that is hard to stop! Bills have impressed me, no, let me rephrase that. Bills I knew would be a great D, I said that day one, but Josh has impressed me! Dolphins are worse than even the most dedicated Fin fans thought they would be, I mean, who knew they would remove every living body from their team???….I will keep one prediction, next year, the Bills and the Jets will unseat the Patriots!

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