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Weekend Off-Season Thoughts

Weekend Off-Season Thoughts
Luciano 11
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The Week that destroyed the Steelers 2014 season


This is not meant to pick on the Pittsburgh Steelers, but, we all have to admit, this has been a crazy week.

Let go back further and summarize:

Last year the team was a shell of its old self. Offensively the team had no real direction, and defensively they looked old and done. It was a late season burst that actually allowed the team to turn the season into a sort of positive.

Now this week:

  1. The RB that is supposed to become their biggest weapon (I love Antonio Allen, but I don’t love his QB), Le’Veon Bell and last year’s Patriots savior LeGarrette Blount, decided that preseason was too dull. The two dummies were driving around smoking pot! Lots of talent, zero brains.
  2. The Steelers traveled to Philly for a game that always resembles a real season game, and they failed miserably

My take:

Anyone that thinks that pot will help you, as an athlete is either dumb or just plain ignorant; it’s a downer and other than alter your mind only accomplishes extra sleep and lots of hunger. As a result, for it to be something that an athlete gets suspended from it the same way they suspend your for PEDs, its ridiculous.

However, it is illegal in the state of Pennsylvania, Alleghany County, the city of Pittsburgh and their employers the Steelers and the NFL. Therefore these two are dumb and dumber period!

And, if you are going to smoke it, can you at least do it in privacy? And if a cop pulls you over Mr. Bell, do you think you would get away with it by telling him “I didn’t know you could get a DUI for being high. I smoked two hours ago. I’m not high anymore. I’m perfectly fine. Why would I be getting high if I had to make it to my game?

Bell deserves a year suspension just for stupidity after the fact!

The game is another matter all together. I really thought that Ben just had a tough season last year, but I was wrong, he may be done. The Steeler offense looked anemic at best, against a not so great defense. Ben and Haley have and never will be on the same page, that performance was awful. The coach left Ben in the game until late into the third; only to make sure that he felt good by scoring against wannabees. This offense has no creativity, no quality and Big Ben doesn’t get the fact that standing in the box getting knocked around before making a pass, doesn’t work anymore.

Defensively this is a very old team, Shazier cannot all by himself provide what this team used to be. Ike is not even a shadow of himself, he sucks, and he too is done. The Eagles could have scored as many TDs as time would have allowed, there was nothing this defense could do to stop anyone.

Sorry Steelers Nation, but if this is your team, you maybe battling the Browns for that coveted last place.


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