What I learned this week…5

What I learned this week…5
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  1. Tom Brady used a good anti-oxidation solvent, no rust
  2. Bills players love Rex……this year
  3. The Dolphins do suck, just slightly less than the Browns
  4. The Jets continue to suck against good opponents
  5. The Browns are needed as morale lifters
  6. The Steelers can score in many ways
  7. If Sammy Coates was  good at football, he would be extremely dangerous
  8. Ross saved some money on renovations, by hiring third rate Architects…..where is that public money?
  9. Tyrod does what Ryan never does…….buys time with his feet
  10. My level of interest in the coming elections has reached an all time low
  11. Eli Manning is trying to win like his brother did last year, without the D
  12. Fanatics needs to be replaced by Frenetic, most would become Frents
  13. How can you have a HC (ex DC), DC, Assistant HC (DC) all together on sidelines , yet have 12 Dmen on the field?
  14. Even the staunchest of RT supporters, will have a hard time defending this
  15. Last week I wrote that within 3 weeks Bills would be atop the aFCE, many laughed
  16. I am very worried about the Dual Frents of The U and The Fins
  17. Hard not to be happy for Bills fans
  18. Never give up in a Fantasy Football game, its never over until it is
  19. There really is not one dominant team this season, not like last
  20. Falcons’s 2-headed monster at RB is working
  21. I wonder what the record for killed coaches by one QB is?

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