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SEEKING NEW SPORTSWRITERS, by afcenews staff is seeking exceptionally talented writers with well placed insider connections to NFL players, coaches, and front office personnel to submit material covering the AFCE teams for web publication. The successful candidates will be expected to outwit, outplay, & outlast the competition.


What is the competition?   Here at we like to call them the nines, they are the approximately.
9 —- major and minor TV networks covering the NFL
99 —- radio stations dedicated entirely to sports programming
999 —- former players & sports analysts with face-time on the TV networks
9999 —- radio sports personalities, local newspaper writers, sports magazine writers

99999 —- websites, bloggers, amateur writers, twitter twits, fantasy football analysts

999999 —- researchers, statisticians, backroom personnel supporting those above.


Don’t be discouraged! The Wall Street Journal estimates there are 11 minutes of action between the snap and whistle in each NFL game. This is 11 minutes X 16 games X 16 weeks every season = 47 hours or real football action. There are also countless hours of team activities preparing for the 47 hours of true action. All these things need reporting on.


Your job is to find a unique angle, trend, or fact overlooked by all the above, present it in perfect English, appropriately illustrated, and ready for publishing. Unfortunately, after a month in existence we here at have had no applicants seeking to do this.snoopy-writing


We have made it easier. If you have anything to say you think other members of the blog would enjoy hearing about all you need to do is open your word processing software, share your thoughts in writing, run spell check, highlight the work, and press the control+C keys. New go to afcenews, click about us, click contact us, use control+V to paste your story in the box, click submit. The staff will add illustrations & format the story.  Your life will be transformed.

Your probably wondering how your life has been transformed. Let me explain.

The hottie on the next barstool asks, “What do you do?”  Forget the old (I’m a toll-collector on the I-95) or the (I manage the auto-excise tax billings for my town) or I’m in marketing or whatever else you do. You look that hottie in the eye, lower you voice, and answer. “I’m a sportswriter covering the Miami Dolphins for AFC East News”, the conversation will continue from there.

[dropcap]Barstool[/dropcap]My favorite is asking if she would like to watch a game from the press box some day. “Wow, could we really do that she asks”, maybe, I reply, I hardly know you, wink-wink.


There it is. Give writing something for the blog a try. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe not but we have made it easy to try.  Want to publish anonymously?  Just close your story with written by: afcenews staff and we can accommodate you.


By  AFCeNews Staff


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