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AFC East Fan Expectations

AFC East Fan Expectations
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What do we want from the AFCE?

by northshorepsbc

We give each other a hard time about crazy things. Ancient Tom Brady and Arrogant Pats Fans, Tanny and the Turnstiles with $100 Billion to spend foolishly, Lucy once again pulling the football away from Charlie “Buffalo Bills” Brown and the clown car, feet-loving coach jets.

It is mostly in good fun (although some take permanent offense). That said, what do we really want from all the teams in the AFCE? Well, here is what I want and I think most fans want too.

I want my team to be the best in the division. I want them to be Super Bowl contenders and yes, I want them to win the whole damn thing. That’s the easy part. The hard part is what do I want from your teams, the others in the AFCE? This may surprise some but I want you to be good; not as good as my team, of course, but I want others to say that it is a tough division.

I want one or even two of you to make the playoffs as a wild card right along with my division winning team. I would even like to see one of you make it to the AFCC against my team (where you would lose a competitive and memorable game; an instant ESPN classic).

Why do I want this success for your teams? One reason is because I have watched you support your team on this blog through some hard times. The other, more selfish reason is that I want to be entertained by great football games. Street cred for the division wouldn’t hurt either.

For too long now, fans of other divisions have turned their noses up at the AFCE, with some justification. The Patriots only win because of their weak division. The Bills haven’t made the playoffs in 13 years. The Dolphins haven’t been a contender since Marino and the Jets backed into the playoffs a few years back and haven’t been heard from since. I want these thoughts to end. I hope you do to.

BTW, I will still make fun of your team; we are rivals. However, I hope you beat up on the other divisions.

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