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AFCE / AFCN – Weekend Discussion

AFCE / AFCN – Weekend Discussion
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The Bottom Feeders


For quite some time now, there has been a constant in both of out divisions. If there is a constant, at least almost every year that is that the Buffalo bills will finish somewhere around 6 wins and in last. The same situation has been going on in the AFC North with the Cleveland Browns.

Both teams made big moves in the off-season, and one included the two of them together. Here are some events that tie these two franchises together:

  1. All I ever see in the East is Bills fans complaining bout the “brutal” hit on EJ by the Browns
  2. There is a sense of pride in beating the Browns, one that I do not see when the Bills play the other members of the North.
  3. As soon as the season ended the Browns ritually fired their HC, because obviously he was to be blamed for not coaching the HS players he got into the playoffs. The turned their franchise to one-year DC wonder from the Bills, Mike Pettine.
  4. Draft Day Pettine was aware of the Bills desire to send big mouth Stevie Johnson packing; and wanting to get their hands on Sammy Watkins. Pettine and the Browns fleeced the Bills with one of the most ridiculous trades in recent memory. The price tag for talented Watkins was simply way too high. Especially when the Browns didn’t want him, as didn’t a few of the other teams that followed in the pecking order.

The Browns upgraded their QB position (I think), or at the very least have found a player that can compete with LeBron for media time in the city. Josh Gordon maybe the dumbest millionaire on the planet, but there is optimism after a good draft.

The Bills are hoping (rosaries are being recited, voodoo experts have been hired) that EJ Manuel actually plays a season. If he does they have a good roster, however, it is the Bills, and we have been waiting since the last century for the tide to turn.

I wonder, is there a rivalry brewing? Are the two franchises in a competition with each other? The real question, which I hope you can answer, is:

Are they fighting for last place or respectability?



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