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AFC East Morning Links for September 17th

AFC East Morning Links for September 17th
Luciano 11
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Wednesday @ 11am: Patriots Game Recap by nossorc

Wednesday @ 2pm: Slicks’ Overreactions by SlickVinny

Thursday @ 11am: Weekly Picks and Rankings
Thursday @ 2pm: 32 Thoughts about Week 2 by cknuckles60191
Friday @11am : Why are the Fatties out of shape? by  Luciano11
Friday @ 2pm: Chargers @ Bills Preview by ArcherNoles1863
Saturday: Saturday Schmooze  with the neighbors
Sunday @ 5am; Sunday Warm Up! Followed by Sunday Gameday
Monday @ 11am: A Recap of Bills / Dolphins or Patriots game
Monday @ 2pm: Bears @ Jets Preview by Luciano11

If you would like to participate in having your picks displayed in my Weekly Picks article, that would be great. Send me an email no later than Wed. Night, we can have a Writers’ Picks Section. 


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