They Said It: Week 2

They Said It: Week 2
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Welcome back to “They Said It”, which has appeared on other sites, but is happy to make its home here at

User comments are vital to our little communities, and often give us an idea of what’s trending in the NFL world.  Likewise, it allows us to see who our homers, wannabes, followers, and alphas are, mostly by the nature and bravado (and often ridiculousness) of their statements or predictions.

Each week, selected AFC North user comments will be listed in this space.  The crazier, the better, as far as we’re concerned.  We won’t list names, because you know who you are.


Steelers @ Ravens

“Excellent, so no major injures for the Ravens then. I don’t wanna hear any excuses when the Steelers whoop their bizzles. BOOYA.”

“Why is this Steelers defense the second coming of the Steel Curtain?”

“its fine it will all blow over when tomlin robs a bank to pay for the bet he losses on thursday night”

“Steelers win…book it…(quickly writes down list of excuses in case we don’t win…1. the Ravens were on an emotional high.  2. the Steelers were tired from their lengthy flight to Baltimore.  3. all those that were sitting near Bell and Blount on the plane are sick from contact high… 4. they suck…)”

“The good news is, the Ravens QB sucks and he will lead the team to suckville where he will become mayor of suckville because he sucks.”

“I’ve got a strange sense of “I don’t care if we lose” going on right now.  It’s only been one game but everything is such a mess.”

Falcons @ Bengals

“Atlanta and Matty Ice are going to gang rape the Bengals this weekend….”

“I fully expect Dalton to have a passer rating above 125 today.”

“Bengals willloose today.  i know this because i dont want them too.”

Saints @ Browns

“Don’t count the Browns out of this one. I think something clicked in the 2nd half and they all came together. They could be a surprise. Go Browns!”

“Brew Drees is gonna light the browns up.”

“Browns don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, best of luck.”



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