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AFC East Slick Weekly: Overreactions part 1

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AFC East Slick Weekly: Overreactions part 1
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Overreactions to the Goings on of the Past Week

Some big news was announced on Monday! Ryan Tannehill is going to break the streak the Miami Dolphins’ failures in finding a QB. Not that he is really good, but he has achieved a feat that no Miami starting QB has achieved since Dan Marino- a second contract with the team (Matt Moore actually got a second deal with the team, but he’s not a starter so it doesn’t count). Tannehill got himself what has come to be known in league circles as a “Tannenbaum Special”, a deal that was offered one season early and is front loaded so that if the player fails (and most recipients of the Tanny Special do fail), the team is left holding the proverbial bag looking for any options to fill the position for free.

This deal has been very polarizing among Dolphins fans and haters alike. A deal like this solidified the most ardent Fins’ supporters beliefs that Lauren Tennenhill’s husband is indeed among the upper echelon of NFL QBs. It also solidified some Fin fans’ beliefs that something is rotten in Davie and Stephen Ross needs to spend less time worrying about Michigan football and more time focusing on the NFL team that he in fact owns. Even the Dolphins’ most supportive beat writer, Omar took to Twitter questioning the deal.

We rest assured that this season will be a turning point for the Dolphins, once again they have cracked open the money bin, brought in a lot of high priced talent and guaranteed the security of their QBs hot wife’s offspring. A lot is riding on Qweezy P and the Boys to add another playoff loss to the Dolphins record and I[m not sure ownership will stand for anything less.




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