AFC EAst Slick Weekly: Overreactions part 2

AFC EAst Slick Weekly: Overreactions part 2
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A White Flag Overreaction

Well the spring owners’ meetings kicked into full gear on Tuesday. This was Patriots owner Bob Krafts’ first face to face with his 31 billionaire buddies and we were promised fireworks. Kraft went onto the week on the warpath, sitting down with league mouthpiece Peter King and once again proclaiming his disdain for the Wells report and the subsequent punishments laid down upon his franchise. Monday afternoon rumors began circulating that Kraft and league henchman Roger Goodell were seen canoodling alone on a couch at some rich guy party over the weekend. This sent Patriots nation into a tizzy, with wild speculations being bandied about that the two chums, who are also rumored to have shared a milkshake at the local malt shop (one milkshake, two straws), had struck a deal that would fully exonerate the Pats, restore their draft picks and most importantly return Booby’s million dollars. So when the news broke that Kraft was going to be holding an impromptu press conference on Tuesday morning (pacific time) many Pats fans expected Bob to roll out in his finest Al Davis track suit and announce that he had won the day, or that he would see Roger in court.

What we got we got was a sad, sad man looking incredibly deflated as he reluctantly waved the white flag; effectively siding with his billionaire buddies over his own fan base which he so frequently reminds us that he was once a member of. He asked Pats fans to trust his judgement, and I for one agree with him. We need to trust that Booby has done the best thing for his team and it’s ability to continue to make him and his family boat loads of money. I mean who are we to feel betrayed by the Kraft family? I mean it’s not like we are the ones who spend thousands of dollars every season on tickets, team merchandise and concessions. What do we know about the hardships of being laughed at in public for publishing a very reasonable explanation for a fat guy calling himself “The Deflator”? We’re not even going to miss the helicopter rides, caviar and ivory backscratchers that that million dollars would have bought.

Bob Kraft in an honest man who’s only mistake was that he trusted his nefarious employees to do their jobs and obey league rules, yet he is the one that has fallen on a sword. Once again Bob Kraft has proven that he is a beacon of truth in a league that has lost its way, he is the leader that ensured the league would remain in capable hands after Paul Tagliabue stepped down a decade ago with his nomination of Roger Goodell and he is without a doubt the type of capable leader that Pats fans can be assured will always make as much money as possible, no matter the cost to his fans. Kraft is the type of man that knows Pats fans have thick skin and can handle any ridicule that is laid upon them by other, jealous fan bases with the dignity and class that he and his supporters have shown over these past 20 years of his ownership.

Remember NFL fans, WE ARE ALL PATRIOTS! So just sit down, shut up and deal with it.


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