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AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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My creative juices just aren’t flowing today, fellas.  Perhaps it’s because it’s pouring rain outside, and my motivation level is pretty low.  It could be because there’s still two days until Friday.

Or I’m just a massive slacker in need of more coffee.

But honestly, scan the football news.  There’s just not much happening right now that concerns the AFC North.

So, I invite you to peruse what there is, and admire the scantily clad cheerchick above.


Baltimore Ravens

Head coach John Harbaugh is cautioning against too much optimism.

My Take:  Very astute, as the Ravens have nine games left to play against stiffer competition than they’ve faced so far.  That starts in Cincinnati this Sunday.

Cleveland Browns

Running back Terrence West believes the Jaguars wanted the game more.

My Take:  Since the Browns were coming off an emotional win the previous week, it’s entirely possible.  Still not the sort of thing you’d like to see acknowledged in the press.

Cincinnati Bengals

Some Bengals veterans are stressing calm in the face of their recent slide.

My Take:  I understand this approach.  I also think it’s a cause for more concern than they’re showing – certainly not a “little stumbling block” – and perhaps some anger and intensity might be in order to rebound in their most important game thus far.

Pittsburgh Steelers

(scroll to second post)  Wideout Antonio Brown is not happy with the ruling that overturned a possible touchdown Monday night.

My Take:  Settle down, Antonio.  It turned out to be irrelevant, and there was evidence behind the decision, including your toe mark on the sideline that the entire viewing audience saw.

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