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AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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There’s certainly no shortage of opinions about Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel these days.

The ever-polarizing Manziel remains exactly where he wants to be – in the center of public discourse and controversy.  Despite Manziel’s horrid outing Sunday against the Bengals, he’s still one of the most discussed figures on Twitter and on most sports chat boards, which, I presume, suits him just fine.

Personally, I wish the kid the best, but I don’t see him garnering any success unless his approach drastically changes.  Given his apparent stubbornness and resistance to altering his methods, it’s doubtful this happens.

Here’s today’s AFC North afternoon links.  Enjoy.

Baltimore Ravens

The Texans are scrambling to find a starting quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

My Take:  My money’s on Case Keenum, who’s more familiar with the Texans’ current offense and has logged sufficient time as a starter to merit consideration.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns hope to get their running game untracked for the season’s final two games.

My Take:  The running game was the basis for most of the offensive success the Browns enjoyed earlier this season and was directly responsible for protecting former starting quarterback Brian Hoyer in many instances.  As the article states, it’s up to the offensive line to make it happen.

Cincinnati Bengals

To win in December and January, the Bengals need to run the ball.

My Take:  Um…why was this some sort of revelation?  Running the ball effectively is the best way to control the clock and keep opposing offenses off the field.  If head coach Marvin Lewis has finally figured this out (as it appears offensive coordinator Hue Jackson has), perhaps the Bengals will win a playoff game or two this season.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Linebacker Jarvis Jones and others stress the serious tone the team has struck in their latest playoff push and the additional hard work they’re putting in.

My Take:  This must make the coaches very happy in light of the purported divisiveness in the locker room in recent years.  The Steelers appear focused on the task ahead.

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