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NFL Playoff Picture – Road to the SB

NFL Playoff Picture – Road to the SB
Luciano 11
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NFL Playoff Picture

Only two weeks and the NFL will showcase its best teams (almost) on the road to SB XLVIV

NFC Current Leaders

  1. Arizona (11-3) – Division Leader – Slowly sliding
  2. Detroit (10-4) – Division Leader – I think they too are surprised to be here
  3. Dallas (10-4) – Division Leader – Romo is still the QB and there are two games this month
  4. New Orleans (6-8) – Division Leader – Pathetic, rules need to be changed
  5. Seattle (10-4) – 5th seed WC – On the rise with a huge game in AZ this week
  6. Green Bay (10-4) – 6th seed WC – Slipped in Buffalo, but very much alive
  7. Philadelphia (9-5) – First runner up – Two straight losses at home, not good

Notes and Outlook (my opinion)

Arizona with games against Seattle at home and 49ers on the road will finish at 11-5, Seattle will win the division (@AZ and home with Rams) at 12-4. Detroit will split their next two (@Bears and @GB) and finish 11-5. Dallas will also split (Colts and @Redskins) and they too finish 11.5. The Saints? Who cares, but for what its worth I think they finish at best 7-9 (Falcons and @Tampa), more likely 6-10 and Carolina (Browns and @Falcons) gets in as they win both and finish 7-8-1. Green Bay will win the division and finish 12-4 (@Tampa and Detroit home). The Eagles will be 11-5 as I don’t see the @Giants and @Redskins being viable opponents.

My Final Playoff picture

  1. Seattle (12-4) division – Beat out Packers head to head
  2. Green Bay (12-4) division – Will get to destroy an opponent in the cold
  3. Philadelphia (11-5) division – Better divisional record than Dallas
  4. Panthers (7-8-1) division – Pathetic but it happens again
  5. Detroit (11-5), Arizona (11-5), Dallas (11-5)
  6. Detroit (11-5), Arizona (11-5), Dallas (11-5)

One of the 11-5 teams will be out of the playoffs because a 7-9 team will get in.

AFC Current Leaders

  1. New England (11-3) – Division Leader – Very much in control of this spot
  2. Denver (11-3) – Division Leader – Still a force to reckon with
  3. Indianapolis (10-4) – Division Leader – Will be very dangerous in the playoffs
  4. Cincinnati (9-4-1) – Division Leader – Playing good football down the stretch
  5. Pittsburgh (9-5) – 5th seed WC – On the rise and built for this time of year
  6. Baltimore (9-5) – 6th seed WC – Strange team to judge
  7. Kansas City (8-6) – 1st runner up – Owns numerous tiebreakers
  8. San Diego (8-6) – 2nd runner up – sliding fast
  9. Buffalo (8-6) – 3rd runner up – too late to the party

Notes and Outlook (my opinion)

New England is on pace to be 13-3 (@Jers and Bills at home). Denver will lose this week (@Cincy and home to Oakland) and finish 12-4. Indianapolis (@Dallas and @Titans) will end up on a high note at 12-4. Cincinnati (Denver and @Steelers) will split and end up at 10-5-1). Pittsburgh with two home games (Chiefs and Cincy) ends up at 11-5. Baltimore (@Houston and home to the Browns) finishes the year at 10-6). Kansas City (@Pitt and home to Chargers) 9-7. San Diego (@49ers and @Chiefs) will finish properly at 8-8. Buffalo (@Raiders and @NE) will end up 9-7.

My Final Playoff picture

  1. New England (13-3) division – Home field throughout is huge
  2. Denver (12-4) division – Not the team that was offensively unstoppable a year ago
  3. Indianapolis (12-4) division – Ready for a SB push
  4. Pittsburgh (11-5) division – Proving to the world that ties do suck!
  5. Cincinnati (10-5-1) 5th seed – Will NOT win first playoff game in Pittsburgh
  6. Baltimore (10-6) 6th seed – One and done

Yes, three teams from the AFCN, but frankly they have been the most balanced division in  football all year. Bills will not be able to pull the upset in NE, and even if they did in this scenario they are probably out. The rest of our teams, time to start getting our off season bravado ready, because its over!


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