AFC North Post Super Bowl Roundup

AFC North Post Super Bowl Roundup
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Game Manager Manning? Hardly.

First, lets give a shout-out to AFC North writer Jack Crawford for picking 10 of 11 winners correctly during the NFL postseason. His only blemish was during the divisional round when he predicted the Seahawks would take out the Panthers. The rest of the North writers missed three apiece.
Post Season Results:
Jack Crawford 10-1
Michael Thompson 8-3
Paul Johansson 8-3
Wernike Korsakoff 8-3
Super Bowl 50
Despite all of the NFLs soft rule changes to increase receiving stats and scoring, defenses can still win championships. Denver won despite having the third worst quarterback play on a winning team in Super Bowl history behind 2nd year Ben Roethlisberger and Johnny Unitas, who was in arguably worse physical shape than Manning with arm and leg injuries, and was knocked out of that Super Bowl in the 2nd quarter with broken ribs. Either way, its not a good thing to be in the bottom three on this sub-game manager list, but he is in pretty good company.
I was surprised to see world famous game manager Trent Dilfer on this list even at number eight. He was the only one without a turnover. With the metrics they used, it looks like there is a bottom seven, then everyone else.
Of course we can’t discuss Super Bowl 50 without mentioning Cam Newton’s Bill Belichick-like post game presser
My Take: Its one thing to play off-field villain like coach Belichick, or even the Seahawks duo Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman, then play the same character post game. Its quite another to pout post-loss after spending the past two weeks explaining that your actions on the field are simply a result of having a great time playing the game. In my opinion Cam’s on-field actions are perfectly fine, and not much different from Aaron Rodgers or JJ Watt. He just needs to take some personal responsibility off the field.

The season is over as are the AFC North predictions, at least for this past season. Expect predictions on the 2016 season to start… Uh… last October or maybe even earlier.

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