TSR Dynasty Draft Grades – 2024

TSR Dynasty Draft Grades – 2024
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Well if nothing else, trading is certainly not dead in this league. Only 10 of the 30 picks came from teams who originally owned the pick, all else came via trade. Even Noss had a trade that impacted his 2.7 draft slot!
Again, unlike other expert draft graders, I ensure there’s an even balance of passing grades and failing grades. Let’s take a look at how it went down.

Link: I struggled between Link and Mars with who gets the A here. Going QB early typically wouldn’t be the value pick but he just kept falling. Also think it was key to get one of the last of the top WR’s in Mitchell before the board went bare at that position. Grade: A
2.2 QB Caleb Williams – Bears
2.8 WR Adonai Mitchell – Colts
2.9 WR Jermaine Burton – Bengals
2.10 RB Ray Davis – Bills
3.2 WR Troy Franklin – Broncos

Archer: Coleman is such a toss up. He’s going to be handed the starter job with a top QB behind him he could hit. Need it to be known that it required a trade up to get him too, so not great value and the RB class is watered down overall so it’s nice that you got one, but this could be a dud of a class. Grade: D
1.8 WR Keon Coleman – Bills
1.10 RB Trey Benson – Cardinals

Mars: It was nice of Finfan to let someone else draft one of the top WR’s, also see Wright as the Dolphins RB next year when they move off of Mostert(I tried to trade in front of you to make that pick, just didn’t work out). Then Mars also gets the Pats WR1 by default. Grade: A-
1.3 WR Rome Odunze – Bears
2.3 RB Jaylen Wright – Dolphins
2.7 RB Marshawn Lloyd – Packers
3.3 WR Ja’Lynn Polk – Patriots
3.9 QB J.J. McCarthy – Vikings

North: I was hoping Worthy wouldn’t go this early, but if it wasn’t for Finfan taking Bowers then 8 of the top 10 picks would’ve been WR. Definitely a strength this year. Oh, and he has Kermit throwing him the rock while Rashee Rice gets suited for his prison uniform. Grade: B+
1.4 WR Xavier Worthy – Chiefs
2.5 WR Ricky Pearsall – 49ers
3.4 RB Bucky Irving – Bucs

Hoodie: Livin it up in LA. Ladd should get plenty of targets with the rest of the Chargers receivers retiring, but he should be an elite slot, but the Chargers are going need him to play outside. Grade: D+
1.6 WR Ladd McConkey – Chargers
2.4 RB Blake Corum – Rams
3.5 TE Ben Sinnott – WTF

Dud: Someone had to break up the WR run, just not sure any are going to be any good to justify a 1st round pick. Let’s be honest though, a WR the Steelers took late, he’s guaranteed to be elite. Grade: B
1.9 RB Jonathan Brooks – Panthers
2.6 QB Jayden Daniels – WTF
3.6 WR Roman Wilson – Steelers

Noss: I mean picks were made, Penix could be something. Grade: C
1.7 WR Brian Thomas – Jaguars
3.7 QB Michael Penix – Falcons

CGC: Again CGC picks the Panthers guy just because he’ll end up WR1 on that team by default. So a poor man’s Deebo and a RB that won’t see the field until CMC retires doesn’t move the needle. Wanted to see Guerendo in Bong’s offense, so going to a Shanny team fits the bill. Grade: D-
2.1 WR Xavier Legette – Panthers
3.8 RB Isaac Guerendo – 49ers

Thumbs: Grade F

Finfan: 4 picks in the top 11, including 3 in the top 5. There’s no scenario where I can’t give this the top grade. Grade A+
1.1 WR Marvin Harrison Jr – Cardinals
1.2 WR Malik Nabers – Giants
1.5 TE Brock Bowers – Raiders
2.1 QB Drake Maye – Patriots
3.10 WR Malik Washington – Dolphins

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