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AFCE 2015 All-Pro-Defense

AFCE 2015 All-Pro-Defense
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We have finalized our first AFCE All-Pro Team as voted by the bloggers. I am not surprised one the result, as most here are pretty intelligent fans. Hopefully this can become an annual event, with better participation.
Today we reveal the Defense as a team…..would be a tough squad against any NFL Offense.
The team most represented are the Jets with 4 starters, followed by the Dolphins and Patriots with 3 each, and Bills with 1. The highest votes to Wilkerson and Jones with 10, the lowest to Harris with 4.
Starters on Defense

DT: Ndamukung Suh – Dolphins (5)

DT: Sheldon Richardson – Jets (6)

EDGE: Muhammed Wilkerson – Jets (10)

EDGE: Olivier Vernon – Dolphins (7)

LB: Jamie Collins – Patriots (8)

LB: Dont’a Hightower – Patriots (5)

LB: David Harris – Jets (4)

CB: Darrelle Revis – Jets (9)

CB: Stephon Gilmore – Bills (5)

S: Reshad Jones – Dolphins (10)

S: Devin McCourty – Patriots (8)

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