An April Mock Draft

An April Mock Draft
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The draft is almost here and many people here are tired of seeing overreactions from a playoff game 3 months ago so how about a new article! With the draft coming up on April 28th, it is the perfect time to do a mock draft for the 2 teams that will be picking in the 1st this year.


4) Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner CB from Cincinnati

The Jets have three major needs going into the season with the two biggest being cornerback and pass rush. The Jets allowed the third most passing yards a game and gave up the second highest passing rating, .1 points better than the Chicago Bears. With the offense being addressed last year and the hope another year in the system will help Zach Wilson they can focus on the defense. Sauce Gardner is one of the three best players in this draft and gives the Jets a #1 corner they haven’t had since the days of Revis. Gardner is an instant starter his first year and by the end of his first year should be lining up across from the opponent #1. With the defense needing a major injection of talent, getting the best defender is a good start.

10) Jermaine Johnson DE from Last Chance U

The Jets also need help at pass rush and with the draft could go they could potentially get one of the top talents in this draft at edge with Jermaine Johnson. Jermaine Johnson started out in Last Chance U before heading to Georgia where he was was part of a crowded rotation and due to many factors out of his control, wasn’t starting. He then transfers to a team where he is the best player on defense from day one. Jermaine Johnson had 12 sacks and was a menace in the run game as well. Johnson was a dominant threat as a pass rusher that teams started to game plan to shut him down and he still had success. He would along with Carl Lawson give the Jets a nasty duo at pass rush and should consistently give the Jets 10-12 sacks a year. I considered going WR here but I really don’t love any WRs for the Jets here as none of them are true #1 WRs which the Jets lack. Jameson Williams would have been that if he didn’t tear his ACL in the national championship game and Drake London might if he can show he can get separation in the NFL. However the Jets need defensive help far more than offensive help and doubling up on their two biggest needs is a good place to start.

New England Patriots

21) Nakobe Dean LB from UGA

The Patriots are more likely than not going to trade out of this spot but I will assume they stay this time as the real GM makes the pick. The Patriots offseason was one of inaction and they did nothing to help their promising young QB and their defense regressed. CB is a big need but NE prefers those in the 2nd and guard is also a need but NE doesn’t seem to value them. NE also seems to think trading for DeVante Parker fixes their WR issues which means Mac Jones will yet again be a checkdown charlie when Parker is out week 2. The position that the Patriots need which they probably would get in the 1st is linebacker and there happens to be a few good ones. Nakobe Dean is an athletic linebacker which NE lacked last year and is projected to be one of the few 1st round linebackers in this class. Dean gives the Patriots some speed at the position which they surely lack and maybe can cover Dawson Knox. Patriots can use their 2nd round pick on either a CB or WR which is their prime round for skill positions.

Buffalo Bills

25) Zion Johnson OL from Boston College

Offensive line and cornerback are the two biggest holes on the Bills roster with CB being a big issue early on as Tre White returns from his ACL injury. While CB is a big hole, the Bills under McDermott don’t seem to think of it as a high priority as White was the only CB drafted before day three since 2017. That tells me they don’t think it is a position to address early and their scheme can make guys drafted later better. However offensive line has been a position they have drafted early and the guard position is a big hole. Right now their starting left guard is Ryan Bates who is a versatile lineman who can fill multiple positions in a pinch but might not be someone you want starting 17 games. Zion Johnson is the best interior lineman in this draft and gives you a plug in play starter at LG who can fill in at tackle in a pinch if need be. The Bills are built around Josh Allen and protecting Allen is the number one priority. Having a very good line is a good thing to have as it is going to be Allen that wins you games, not a cornerback. That is why going offensive line in the 1st is the way to go. Cornerback can be addressed in day 2.

Miami Dolphins

29) Tyreek Hill WR from some team that lost to the Bengals

The Fins made the unwise decision last year of trading their 1st to the Eagles to move up to pick 6 instead of the 49ers 1st which means instead of a pick in the teens they didn’t have a pick until 29. The Fins already told us who they are using this pick on as they already let us know it was for Tyreek Hill. Hill is a burner who ran 4.29 in the Combine. There are some concerns though about him taking hits due to his small statute at 5’10. Also the Fins have a short QB in Tua and he might not be able to see Hill out there. Also using a 1st on a 28 year old receiver is a bold move. However he has a lot of upside and gives Tua a dynamic receiver who might make him be potentially serviceable. Overall, risky pick by the Fins especially in a very deep WR class and they already have a good WR in Waddle.

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