Archer Weekly: Denial

Archer Weekly: Denial
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The AFCE had a terrible week as they went a combined 2-3 with those two wins coming on Thanksgiving day. The Patriots are on the downslope, The Dolphins need a wake up call and the Jets should have hired Rhule over Gase.

Miami Dolphins: One Job

The Dolphins were looking to turn things around and go back to their losing ways but they just couldn’t have any fun. They were playing the Philadelphia Eagles who needed to win to still have shot in the pathetic NFC East. This game screamed Dolphins loss. However, the message was not accurately portrayed to their team as they busted their butts and grinded a win out. Fitzpatrick was Fitzmagic and Carson Wentz was who Hooded thought he was. The Dolphins scored 34 points which was the best performance all year long. If this team was trying to win, it was the type of game you hang your hat on. But if you are trying to tank, this game is how you end up losing your job and all the players on Miami need to be put on notice.

New York Jets: Not Even Surprised

The New York Jets were riding the high of beating a very meh Raiders team. They faced the winless Bengals who were probably trying to tank. This was the type of game the Jets would win and boost their confidence to win the offseason championship. But the Jets did Jets things and got obliterated. Sam Darnold was the second worst QB in the AFCE this weekend and I’m not even sure he crossed 6.0 yards per attempt. LeVeon Bell you couldn’t even tell was there. Also Sam Darnold did not force feed his boy Crowder the week I started him in fantasy because Darnold is the absolute worst. This Jets team is going nowhere and they will be lucky to win another game.

New England Patriots: Done

The New England Patriots had the easiest game left on their schedule against a Houston Texans team who lose on purpose every time they play New England. This game the Patriots had in the bag. However, the Patriots had other ideas. Tom Brady was hot garbage and is last year Peyton Manning bad. The score might not show it but the offense was terrible against a Texans defense which is pretty average. Also this vaunted Patriots defense was just a mirage as against competent offenses they fold. Charles Kelly must be the defensive coordinator of this team. Also you could tell the Patriots’ check bounced as the officiating did not help them out either and Brady was visibly upset with them. This team is limping to the playoffs and unless TB12 gives Brady new life, they will be exiting in the 1st round.

Buffalo Bills: Dud to all Road Games

The Bills started the week off for the AFC East in Jerry World against the Dallas Cowboys of Dallas, America’s Team. The media all picked the Cowboys because the media still thinks Nathan Peterman is the starting QB. This was a game for the Bills to make a statement. Early on it was tough as apparently you are allowed to hit Bills QB’s in the head with your helmet and illegal hands to the face included touching the chest. Also Amari Cooper was not allowed to be covered or else it is a flag. Thankfully the Cowboys are the biggest joke in football and were not able to win despite playing with a 20 handicap thanks to the men in white. This was a complete game by the Bills offense and defense as those two faces utterly dominated. Josh Allen was efficient and is showing why he is the best QB in the AFC East, despite what one Gator fan in New England thinks. The defense shut down Prescott and Zeke and it wasn’t until garbage time before the Cowboys reached the teens. This was a great game by the Bills and they have a pretty good chance of winning the division now.

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