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Not Much to be Tankful For

Not Much to be Tankful For
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Just be Tankful for whatever’s leftover (Power Tankings & Fin Fan Rooting Rankings)

Well, bummer (I said different words at home as the weekends results rolled in). Murphy’s law week I suppose. Miami, Houston, and Pittsburgh all came up with victories this weekend leaving us dolphin fans high and dry. Some fans think all is well and Brian Flores has unlocked some type of Magic. It’s called fitzmagic and it’s usually just enough to give some fans “hope” the team is turning things around while the rest of us ponder what freakin turkey made the decision to sign him and ruin the tank. But I digress, all is not lost, luckily the Redskins and Broncos won, helping solidify a position in the top 10 given our challengers remaining schedules. Needless to say, Miami took a massive hit the Power Tankings, presented by CGC5783:

The Dolphins have yet again managed to be losers at their own game. Beating the Eagles while the Texans and Steelers keep winning is really crushing the value of their draft class on a consistent weekly basis.
There’s an anomaly this week you may have spotted, the Redskins won, yet gained 391 points in draft value…how could this be? For those following the Tankings under a microscope you may have noticed the Dolphins and Redskins have virtually the same Strength of Schedule(SOS) right now. Washington currently at .487 and the Dolphins at .495. This was the opposite last week. So even though both teams won and played equal 5-6 opponents, teams like the Bills winning boosted Miami’s SOS while Minnesota, Carolina, Detroit, Dallas, Philly and the Giants all lost, thus dropping the Redskins SOS enough to have them slide ahead of Miami in draft order. Hopefully the Dolphins playing the 4-8 Jets while the Redskins take on the 9-3 Packers will be enough to reverse this unfortunate predicament.
Changing gears here a little bit, let’s take a look at the biggest losers of the Tankathon this week, the Denver Broncos. With the refs gifting Denver a shot at a last second field goal against the Chargers a W ended up dropping Denver from picking in the #6 slot all the way down to #11.
And now onto the weekly Fin Fan Rooting Rankings:
Philosophy update- Miami is out of the running for #1 & #2. The kings ransom that could’ve been had for a trade down or just not having to sell the farm for one guy is no longer an option. Miami fans must hope that only 1 QB needy team finishes ahead of us, and that’s already the Bengals.

  1. Jets (vs Miami): Flores gets to see what his future could look like on the opposite sideline this week if he keeps screwing up and winning.
  2. Broncos (@ Houston): fat chance, but who knows. The Texans focus more on their pre game outfits than their opponents and probably think they rock now that they beat the corpse of Tom Brady.
  3. Cardinals (vs Pittsburgh): Kyler Murray is an enigma, he usually plays well when I don’t start him in fantasy so I’m putting the team first and benching Kyler in fantasy.
  4. Redskins (@ Greenbay): the betting line on this has to be something insane like -10,000,000.
  5. Falcons (vs Panthers): The Falcons can continue to play hard for Dan Quinn so he doesn’t end up like Ron Rivera.
  6. Detroit (@Vikings): They need Frat boy Stafford back to take down the must win Vikings.

Bonus Games: I messed up with the SOS impact on drafting last week. We actually want Buffalo and NE to lose games. With Baltimore and KC this week respectively, there’s a good chance that happens. We also need Indy and Tennessee to win out. That’s the best chance the Steelers and Texans miss the big dance.
And remember, Go Dolphins…
Just not this year

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