Archer Weekly: Everything is Fine


Archer Weekly: Everything is Fine
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The AFCE had a brutal weekend as they went 1-3 and were straight up outcoached in those three losses.  The only saving grace was the team from Canada.


2019 Super Bowl Bound

The Buffalo Bills were the lone victor this weekend as they got to face a Detroit Lions team that beat the New England Patriots this year. It was not a pretty game as the lack of weapons on offense for the Bills was clearly obvious.  The Bills were already down their two starting RBs and their third stringer Marcus Murphy also went out leaving undrafted free agent Keith Ford to save the day. Ford was ok but with how bad the offensive line was, the run game was going to go nowhere and Josh Allen wasn’t yoloing this game. Josh Allen had a decent game as he made a big boy throw to Robert Foster and is still pretty much the offense for the Bills which hopefully gets addressed this offseason. The defense also played well but the Lions really are nothing to worry about on offense so it went about as you expected. Oh and the Lions kicker missed a crucial FG after the announcers said he was money from that distance. The jinx continues.


What was That

The Miami Dolphins had a crucial game in the warm confines of Minneapolis against a Vikings team that just fired their offensive coordinator. The Dolphins offense was horrendous as Tannehill kept on getting sacked and the passing game didn’t even eclipse 50 yards (after sacks). Adam Gase the Boy Wonder is looking to be as much a fraud as Rex Ryan in Buffalo was. The only bright spot was Kalen Ballage who had a good game as Miami is resting Drake for the playoffs.  On defense the Dolphins did the right thing and let Dalvin Cook have a big game as he is showing once again why he was the best RB in the 2017 draft class.  Overall the Dolphins yet again choked in a big game and will probably finish the season 8-8. Could be worse, you could have Mike Tannenbaum as your GM.


You Had ONE Job. 

The Jets got their game out early this weekend, playing on Saturday so they could spend the Sunday watching Once Upon a Deadpool. They played a red hot Texans team led by underrated QB DeShaun Watson and Head Coach Bill O’Brien who some people dislike for no reason (only successful Patriots assistant as well).  The Jets knew they were going to lose this game but they had one job: stop Hopkins. This was an important weekend with fantasy playoffs and Hopkins was a key player in a lot of teams and a big game by him could ruin many people’s chances of winning their league. But no, the Jets let Hopkins do whatever they want and let him get 40 points, costing some people a chance at winning the championship. Way to go Jets, enjoy Joe Philbin for the next three years.


Hello Darkness My Old Friend

The Patriots had the biggest matchup this weekend as unlike the other AFCE teams, they are going to actually make the playoffs. They had a big game against rival Steelers which could play a big impact in seeding. The Patriots were flat on offense as their coaching staff had nothing to stop the Steelers pass rush. Tom Brady looked very irritated the entire game and could never get into a rhythm. It showed as the offense was utterly pathetic, the worst performance by a Patriots offense in years. The Patriots era is ending soon and Patriot Fans are going to have a hard time accepting it. Could be worse though, you could have Sam Darnold as your QB.


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