Archer Weekly: From the Ashes

Archer Weekly: From the Ashes
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The important Preseason games have been completed and all we have is meaningless week 4 preseason games, real football coming back this weekend and a 4 day weekend before the NFL is finally back and we get to all root against the Colts and their fans.

Miami Dolphins: NFL Canes

The Miami Dolphins are embracing the tank for Tua by having quite possibly the least talented roster in the NFL. There is no one on offense that scares me and their defense might have one guy that would start for another team. They let their workhorse Frank Gore go to the eventual Super Bowl champs and their starting QB is only good for two weeks before imploding. Josh Rosen will not be getting the coaching he needs to reach that next step and will probably be on his third NFL team in as many years next season. The fans of Miami are already ready for this as they have embraced the tank and live the tank. The only player the fans will be cheering for is their future 1st ballot Hall of Famer long snapper John Denney.

New York Jets: Gase it Up

The Jets blew their load this offseason, spending a bunch of money on overrated players and thinking Adam Gase hasn’t been coaching the past four years. The Jets are expecting the QB guru who ruined Ryan Tannehill’s career will turn The Prince Who Was Promised into the next Tom Brady. The Jets defense should be good as that seems to be the only bright spot of that team the past ten years.Fans hopeful that Bell doesn’t repeat his 2018 season where he had ZERO yards and Robby Anderson doesn’t end up arrested…again. This is a year the Jets are in win now mode, and maybe they will win now, but probably not.

New England Patriots: H to the Izzo

The Patriots are the reigning champs and really aren’t any worse than they were last year. Their offensive line is just as meh, their Wide Receivers are just as meh and their backup QB is the next big thing. The only concern is TE where Gronk made the wise decision to retire and they left a big hole. Enter Ryan Izzo who is probably still available in Fantasy Leagues and will be the go to TE for the Patriots. He was used to terrible QB play in college and having a QB who can accurately throw him the ball would only enhance his playmaking abilities. He may not be as big a freak as Gronk, but he along with James White, will be the focus of the offense and be the two headed receiving option for this team.

Buffalo Bills: America’s Team

The Buffalo Bills are undefeated in preseason, dominating the competition and that is without their starting center and Tight End. Cole Beasley is a machine from the slot who catches everything and Frank Gore just keeps on keeping on. The Bills defense has top five potential and the secondary is in the conversation of the best in the NFL with the trio of Micah Hyde, Tre “Gronk Fears Me” White and Jordan Poyer. They also have Haus money at kicker. The only real concern is whether Josh Allen can throw a ball accurately. He is a legit running threat which if this was 1980 would be enough but he has to throw it some. He looked good the first two preseason games but week three he looked a little off as the Bills went full ground and pound. The Bills have the best offensive coordinator in the AFC East in Brian Daboll, but only he can do so much.

Blackman We Trust

This weekend College Football is back which is the first real football we get all year (last weekend’s High School game between the Canes and Gators doesn’t count). The big matchup is Alabama led by Tua face the powerhouse of the ACC Duke Blue Devils. Also in Jacksonville, the worst team in the state of Florida faces the Blue Turf men from Idaho. The Seminoles should be better as our resident Patriot Seminole favorite QB Deondre Francois is no longer on the roster and the starting QB is now the 150 pound James Blackman. Their offensive line is still terrible and their Head Coach should still be coaching Pee Wee football but at least we got rid of the Turnover Backpack. Everything’s coming up Millhouse.

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