Are You Ready for Some Football!?

Are You Ready for Some Football!?
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Today’s Games:


Cincinnati Bengals (0-2) at Buffalo Bills (2-0), 1 PM EST, CBS

Andy Dalton’s 729 passing yards are second only to Patrick Mahomes, last year’s MVP. The Bengals, however, haven’t won a game in 328 days, and flounder on without a head coach. Second year QB Josh Allen hasn’t looked good this season, but the Bills sit atop the AFC East and haven’t lost a game in 273 days.


Baltimore Ravens (2-0) at Kansas City Chiefs (2-0), 1 PM EST, CBS

While Baltimore’s secondary continues to battle through injuries, they can’t afford to give up big passing plays again and again like they did last week. Patrick Mahomes and the Chief boast the NFL’s top passing game and lead the league in big plays. It’ll be up to Lamar Jackson and the Raven’s invigorated offense to keep up. Last week, Mahomes closed the half going 5 for 5 for 3 TDs, with 4/5 passes traveling 40+ yards.


Pittsburgh Steelers (0-2) at San Francisco 49ers (2-0), 4:25 PM EST, CBS

The Mason Rudolph/Diontae “Little” Johnson era officially begins today, after Ben learned?? that 2004 QBs were no longer approved by the NFL, unless you’re Philip Gosh Darn Rivers. Don’t be surprised if the Steelers find some success with a new system and QB, but this is probably the Mr. Irrelevant game of the week. So far, the 49ers have beaten up on the quadriplegic Buccaneers and declawed Bengals, albeit on the road.


LA Rams (2-0) at Cleveland Browns (1-1), 8:20 PM EST, NBC

The Browns may not have enough players to field a defense, so Baker Mayfield and company need to be efficient and imposing. The Rams, under Sean “Timothy” McVay, have never lost a Sunday night road game, against a second place AFC North team, from Ohio, that’s 0.500 or better, with kickoff temperature below 75.


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Enjoy the games!

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