Bills @ Dolphins Recap


Bills @ Dolphins Recap
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Ugly Game


This week I decided after the game not to break down what is an obvious butt-whooping but to vent a little as this season is looking like more of the same. Here we go 2015 season and the Miami Dolphins managed to do absolutely nothing to change the script.


What seemed to be a promising year with a lot of high hopes and expectations is looking like more of the same. Slow starts, undisciplined, and lack of energy. I can understand losing cause that’s part of playing the sport. But to flat be outplayed for THREE weeks in a row is downright disgusting and unacceptable. For three weeks now it’s the same garbage that we witnessed last year. So technically we are forced to watch 5 weeks of BS football with a head coach who clearly does not have a voice in this locker room. Which brings me to him…


Joe Philbin…. Head coach of the Miami Dolphins has given up his right to coach another week. I cannot stand watching my team just be so bland, predictable and lethargic. It’s upsetting that for the first time in a long time we finally have a roster that decent that can make some noise and possibly make a run at the wild card slot. But no we’re in week three and it’s the same thing. How long are we going to address the offensive line? There’s articles where Dolphins have put in draft picks and money into the line. With all the attention we placed in that o-line we should be the strength. As a long time Dolphins fan I am tired of the mediocre of this team. I am done with the coaching staff, I am done with Ross who has no idea what’s he doing. He’s more concerned about profit than product on the field. Here’s an idea Mr. Ross wanna make A LOT of money get a team on the field that wins. Does winning cure all sure, will winning next week against the Jets help of course but will not fix the bigger picture. We need to change everything from Tannebaum down to assistance coaches. Clean house and bring in a head coach who’s proven he can win. I don’t want to hear about the next coordinator or hot head coach in college, no I want a proven NFL coach that wins in the elite level. I am done!


So what’s to expect moving forward, well for one the fire Joe is louder than ever. It’s a blessing we the fans won’t have to worry about the Fins at home for the next month (Jets is home but away in London). I honestly believe if the Dolphins gets destroyed next week in London like they did yesterday or play the same like they have the last three weeks I expect a few coaches flying back without the team. So please all real and true Dolphins fans hang in there, it’s still early so let’s hope they have some pride to change this around. Support the team and the players but raise your voice and speak out we no longer want Joe Philbin as the head coach and demand change.





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