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Buffalo Bills QB Outlook

Buffalo Bills QB Outlook
S/R Staff
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The past 48 hours have been very interesting for the Bills organization and an emotional roller coaster for it’s fans. Earlier it was announced that jeff Teul will be the week one starter for the Bills against the New England Patriots.  So who is Teul?

Jeff Teul:

  • 4 Year quarterback at Washington State
  • Best Completion % in school history (61%)
  • Un-drafted Free Agent signed by the Bills

All of that above looks promising, especially for an undrafted rookie, but if you look at the quality of a quaterback by his wins versus his losess then you might want to skip reading this next part. Jeff Teul record as a starter for the Cougars is 4-22 – not what you want from a starter especially against a team like the Patriots.

“I came here to play football, and that’s what I’m doing,” Tuel said. “It just explains, you can never expect. You never know what’s going to happen in this league.

“It’s why you’ve got to be ready.”

Doug Marrone

Doug Marrone

Tuel is in this position because of a string of injuries that have hit the Bills’ quarterback position. Between the injury to EJ Manuel, Kolb’s concussion and Leinheart being signed the Bills front office has been very busy in dealing with the situation.  Marrone revealed that Manuel progressed Sunday to working out on the field with trainers and was starting to move around. “When he comes back,” Marrone added, “he’ll be our quarterback” . What’s clear now is that Kevin Kolb no longer is in the picture as a starting quarterback option. This is Manuel’s offense.

There is a bit of good news on the Bills front though: The Bills welcomed safety Jairus Byrd back to practice for the first time since the two-time Pro Bowl player signed his one-year, $6.9 million franchise tender last week.

Side-bar knowledge: Teul will become the first undrafted free agent rookie to start week one of a regular season game since 1967 , which is the year when the NFL and AFL merged.


By Sergio Peralta

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