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And then, depression set in.

And then, depression set in.
S/R Staff
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And then, depression set in.

Is it just me, or has this been the most disappointing off season ever for the AFCE, as a whole? Between injury and insult, the AFCE has suffered many a sling and arrow. Let’s take a quick team=by team jaunt through the misery. We can start with the Top 3 disappointments for each team this Off Season.

Their renewed attempts to find a QB have failed miserably. Kolb and his bruised brain may be done forever. EJ has not been this years Wilson, and the Bills were forced to start scraping the bottom of the scrapheap for a warm body to start the season. BTW, they start the season against the Patriots.

The Bills lost their best CB, Steven Gilmore, for the 1st 6 to 8 weeks. “Nuff said

They Bills best Safety, Byrd, is angry at the club for not paying him as the best Safety in the league. Always a bad situation.

Miami spent 100 MILLION DOLLARS on team improvement, yet came away without a Left Tackle…MADNESS

Tannehill, while looking good as compared to the Jets and Bills QB situation, has not looked as if he has improved over his more INT than TD rookie campaign.

The Dolphins apparently have not learned the lesson that Special Teams matter

New York

Where do i start? How do I end? How do I limit myself to ONLY 3 problems?

Let’s make this quick and painfull

1 Sanchez
2 Ryan
3 Talent

Moving on……

New England

Another quicky, because I know this is getting long winded

1 Hernandez
2 Gronk
3 Tebow

Thanks for your indulgence…Let’s all drink Vodka!
-Submitted By Donkey


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