First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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Buddy Nix still on the Payroll


For the first time in three decades, Buddy Nix wasn’t on site to watch the close of the NFL combine Tuesday in Indianapolis. He instead viewed it from his Ooltewah home, content that endless television coverage and the detailed data he received each evening would suffice.





Miami Free Agent O-Line Prospects 

We’ve reached one of the best – and most frustrating – times of the year. The free agency rumor period. After the NFL Combine is over there’s nothing on the NFL Calendar (save for the closing of the franchise tag period on Monday) until the start of free agency next month. Which means, we have reached the rumor mill part of the year.



No Extension talks with Devin McCourty 

McCourty has a year remaining on his rookie deal, which puts the two-time All-Pro in range for an extension. After earning a $3 million salary escalator this offseason, McCourty’s 2014 cap number skyrocketed to $5.115 million. The Pats could reduce that cap hit by about $2 million by shuffling around some money through a new deal.





Sanchez may be Jets Best Option at QB 

Don’t run Mark Sanchez out of town just yet, Jets fans.  They can excuse Smith because of a lack of weapons, yet they are unwilling to give Sanchez the same slack. Smith gets a free pass for his interceptions because he didn’t have good talent around him, while Sanchez is lambasted despite having equally poor targets, a worse offensive line, and a nonexistent running game.



At 11:00  Pre-season Team Rankings 
At 2:00 pm  Jets Flight Weekly


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