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Lucky & Looney’s Expert Analysis

Lucky & Looney’s Expert Analysis
Luciano 11
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By Jay Sweeney & Luciano Rapa

Featured writers for Sideline Report

NFL Rankings…….part 2-3

Rams20. Rams

Jay:    A few times every year they beat a better team and you remember they exist. Used to have a guy named Kurt Warner.

Luciano:        Rams have been a mess since the great teams of the late 90’s early 2000s. I am not a Bradford fan, don’t like the HC, love the city of ST. Louis, since I have to spend numerous nights a year there, but their football team is not happening. This is now a Baseball/Hockey town.

Jets19. Jets

Jay:    Rex Ryan has averaged 8.4 wins but only won 8 this year. If he gets a Geno tattoo the team is doomed for 4 more years

Luciano:        Jets had a good season in 2013, but there are still issues to resolve. Idzik knew it would not be an overnight fix. Another 8-8 may be considered an improvement. A weak division gave them 3 wins.

Dolphins18. Dolphins

Jay:    Miami has good luck and bad luck, it wins some games and then loses too many to make the wins count for anything

Luciano:        Huge disappointment in 2013. You cannot spend all that money and expect one extra win. Dolphins improved in some areas, but totally regressed in others. It will be very hard to win 8 games with a totally new OL. OLs take time to gel.

Cowboys17. Cowboys

Jay:    The mouse that roars every season will continues to do so but every year fewer people listen

Luciano:        Cowboys have a huge problem, Jerry Jones, and he doesn’t see it, their mediocre play will continue, and team will remain right around 15-20 again. Jones is the Owner/President/GM/HC/DC/OC and he will not fire himself.

Ravens16. Ravens

Jay:    Joe Flacco won a Superbowl with a balanced team, which they won’t have again for a long time.

Luciano:        The team is no longer a team; this is a bunch of individuals camouflaged as the Ravens. SB was a surprise, because the Ravens have been on the decline for 3 years. Do not expect them in the playoffs in 2014

Bears15. Bears

Jay:    A Bear can make scary noises and also back it up. This team only makes the scary noise

Luciano:        Bears will decline more than any other team ranked this high. Defense is getting old. Offense I a mess, their wins will come from pedestrian Lions and Vikes.

Steelers14. Steelers

Jay:    Somehow this usually conservative team has cap and aging problems.These won’t last and they could win the AFCN

Luciano:        Steelers had a down year, but rebounded nicely in the end, and almost made the playoffs. I expect them to rebound and win the division again, as the Bungles begin to slide.

Packers13. Packers

Jay:    This team finds good QB’s and keeps them forever. Aaron Rodgers isn’t halfway through forever yet so expect them in the playoffs

Luciano:        Injuries have hurt them last few years, expect that to change; QB is elite and will lead them to division crown again. Rest of the division sucks.

Chargers12. Chargers

Jay:    The “other” team from California that you occasionally hear about. Probably hear about them again in a few years

Luciano:        I have never really believed in the Bolts. Last year was probably Rivers’ most productive season, even without the stats. The usual stat monger led for a change. I do not expect that to continue for long, he is too selfish. Chargers will be in third place in the division.

Eagles11. Eagles

Jay:    The Eagles, Nick Foles and Chip Kelly have everyone running for the storm shelter until they remember the team is from Philadelhia

Luciano:        Chip Kelley was this year’ version of the “new gimmick”. NFL takes one year to usually catch up to anything new. Eagles benefit from a lousy division, and 8-9 wins will win it for them again.


Bills and Patriots preferred but anything is good





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