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First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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First Down Links are to some of the latest stories about our AFC East Teams


The New England Patriots have a revamped receiving corps this season, prompting this from the Offensive Coordinator,  McDaniels said he “expects some nervousness in the opener from the rookies”. Check out what else this Providence Journal article has to say.



The new kicker seems to be the top story for the Buffalo Bills right now, boring, this Daily Rant article points out 5 players that have to step up for the Bills to be successful this season.



The Miami Dolphins decided to let Jake Long walk and the Offensive Line has been considered suspect since. This article from the Palm Beach Post discusses the O Line and center Mike Pouncey



The New York Jets brought in running back Alex Green this week. Many of us don’t know much about him. This Jets Blog Post takes a look at the new running back


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