2023 Week 7 Overreactions – Well, that Was Embarrassing

2023 Week 7 Overreactions – Well, that Was Embarrassing
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Good day my fellow AFC East fans. What a weird weekend of NFL football, two of ours lost in embarrassing fashion, one didn’t play, and one cost themselves a shot at their next chance at a good QB. Well, we might as well get right to it.

In last place, by a country mile, the Buffalo Bills. The Bills entered Foxboro as 8 point favorites over a wretched Pats team. And they proceeded to thoroughly embarrass themselves, their fans and their families. It was sad from the word go. Not only did they allow the Pats to score points on their opening drive for only like the second time this year, but Josh Allen came out of the gate doing Josh Allen things and threw one of the worst interceptions you’ll see this side of Mac Jones on the Bills’ first play from scrimmage. The Bills showed the NFL this week that they are not even close to being the “elite team” that they’ve been sold as. Yes, I know they have a lot of injuries, but even with the Refs giving Josh Allen the full Tom Brady treatment, they wouldn’t allow the Pats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. (Incidentally, I wonder how Bills fans feel about Allen crying for a flag every time someone breaths on him, you know, since that is the reason they cite for hating Brady?). Not sure, but it may be time to rekindle that conversation about moving on from Allen, if the goal is to actually win a Super Bowl someday.

And in second to last place, the Dolphins. The Fins were manhandled in just about every way on Sunday evening. I mean losing to the Eagles is not nearly as gross as losing to the Pats. But losing to the Eagles by more than the Pats did isn’t the best of looks, especially with the Chiefs on the horizon. All in all, most folks will see this as simply a bump in the road, but if the Fins take their eyes off the ball this week, looking ahead to their next real opponent, they could end up embarrassed just as much as the Bills (I mean the Bills did beat the Fins, so by internet logic, the Pats are going to win…). The Fins tried to keep things close, but they just didn’t have enough gas in the tank (perhaps coach Mike needs to find a more THCv dominant strain to keep his boys focused?), so at least they get a cupcake next week.

The Jets lie in the middle, because they had the week off.

And in first place, for probably the only time this season, the Pats. Now there are many overreacting in this neck of the woods, saying that the Pats have finally found their stride and Mac Jones “answered all the questions we had about him,” but I’m not that crazy. I truly believe this game was more about the Bills actually being bad, than the Pats maybe being good. The Pats really tried their best to blow this game, and most of us thought they’d succeeded in throwing the game away, but to our astonishment, the Bills’ defense is just that bad and they let Mac and Co. roll right down the field for the game winning TD. I will say one thing, it was nice to see the Pats actually go for the win. Over the past two seasons, we’ve grown used to Belichick not going for the win, so they ultimately lose. Once they got the ball into FG range, I fully expected three runs right into the back of the o-line and a missed FG attempt. So that was nice.


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