Good Morning, AFC North!

Good Morning, AFC North!
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CB signed; Bengals get extra 6th, 7th rounders; Zim likes Hunt

David Canter, the agent for cornerback R.J. Stanford, said Monday at the NFL annual meeting that his client plans to sign with the Bengals in a move that gives them more depth in the wake of Brandon Ghee’s departure via free agency to San Diego.

The Bengals gained two extra picks and now have nine draft choices in the May 8-10 draft after the NFL awarded them Monday night an extra sixth-rounder (the 212th pick) and an extra seventh-rounder (252) out of 256 selections.

But [Zimmer] knows the Bengals’ third-ranked defense and, have no fear, he thinks they’ll be good again. He thinks they’ll be able to survive losing right end Michael Johnson and believes Margus Hunt is ready to step up.

“Those guys have a good team. That’s a good defensive team,” Zimmer said. “They’ll be fine. (Wallace) Gilberry is good. I think Margus Hunt will take a big jump. They’ve positioned themselves we’ll for a long time.”

Zimmer has a keen eye for defensive talent.





Ray Farmer on scouting QBs: “We like keeping everybody in the dark”

“The systems we’re using are really based on keeping everybody in the dark,” Farmer said Monday at NFL owners meetings. “I like the idea. You know, the more we tell everybody, the more we’re at a disadvantage I think we’ve put ourselves at.

“The fact that people are guessing as to where we’re located, where we’ve been and what we’re doing, is a good thing. It’s a good thing in a sense when you’re too visible about certain things, it becomes obvious, and the obvious is not good for us.”

Farmer and the Browns have done a good job of keeping everyone guessing what they’ll do with the 4th pick in the draft.





Bisciotti discusses several Ravens-related issues

Bisciotti said two of the team’s remaining priorities will be finding a third cornerback after losing Corey Graham in free agency and finding a free safety, although he said Miles and recently signed Darian Stewart will both factor into the competition at free safety.

Bisciotti also said Baltimore plans on adding another running back. But one thing is for sure in the backfield: Rice will be on the team regardless of how the legal process unfolds stemming from his arrest in February.

In terms of the future, Bisciotti said he would like to get a contract extension worked out with wide receiver Torrey Smith prior to the NFL draft in May.

Signing Smith early should be a priority.





Steelers awarded three compensatory picks in 2014 draft

The Steelers were one of four teams who were awarded a third-round compensatory pick in this year’s draft by the NFL, along with the Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers.

In addition to the third-round pick that is the 97th overall, the Steelers also received extra picks in the fifth round (173rd overall) and sixth round (215) as compensation for losing three starters last season in free agency.

Compensatory picks are valuable.



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