Good Morning, AFC North!

Good Morning, AFC North!
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Draft Breakdown

Needs: CB, DE, OT, QB

Leon Hall, Terence Newman and Adam Jones are fairly aged veterans, which is why the Bengals need to add some youngsters to the secondary. Losing Michael Johnson will stifle the defensive front. However, Cincinnati has some pass rushers who could step up, but depth is a concern. The Bengals must also decide if Andy Dalton is good enough to make Marvin Lewis’ team a title contender.

The Bengals should also take a RB later in the draft.





Per one league source with knowledge of the team’s thinking, the Browns will likely match the offer.

With the average value of the contract being lower than what Mack would get under the transition tag for 2014 and transition/franchise tag in 2015, the deal allows the Browns to keep Mack for at least two years for, at most, $20 million.  Keeping Mack for two years under the tag would cost $22 million.

Mack and his agent know that signing an offer sheet with Jacksonville meant that the Browns could match the offer. If he truly wants out of Cleveland, he should have played one year under the transition tag, and taken his chances next offseason.





Clinton-Dix, whose full name is Ha’Sean, has also visited the Detroit Lions and met with the Tennessee Titans.

Clinton-Dix is the top-ranked defensive back in the draft and could provide the natural center fielder the Ravens have been seeking for their defense. If the Ravens were able to land Clinton-Dix, they could shift Matt Elam to strong safety, where his tackling and physical nature would be more of an asset.

Good times…





Breaking down Mike Mitchell

He has an explosion and a burst to the football. That burst can sometimes be his greatest enemy, the negative consequence being the occasional missed tackle. The Steelers have another safety that sometimes misses tackles because he forgets to take his foot off of the gas, and they seem to be pretty happy with him.

He takes great angles. In watching Carolina from last year, it was hard to find examples of Mitchell being challenged deep. He plays the deep safety position very well. Mitchell also takes good angles in the run game.

Also, Carolina put Mitchell all over the field. Sometimes, you would see Mitchell lined up as their Will linebacker in their 4-3 defense. In short yardage, Mitchell would line up as the end man on the line of scrimmage, and blitz from that edge. Mitchell would sometimes play as a deep half safety, and he would sometimes be the single safety playing 25 yards deep. Mitchell blitzed often, and he disguised coverages well.

Mitchell fills the Steelers’ need at safety well.



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