Meet Tom Brady

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Meet Tom Brady
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Best QB division has ever seen

We need to sit back for a minute, forget what colors we root for, and consider Tom as an athlete, not an opponent. Go ahead close your eyes and re-initialize your hateful mind, I can wait…….

Hard right? Very! However, as a huge NFL fan since 1972 (what an awful year), I have been doing this with opponents, since then. I have grown up loving/hating so many amazing players; it is so hard  to reach the ultimate stage. Even then, few, very few, a small percentage, can say: I was it! Tom can, like him or not.

Lets look back.

I am as much a Tom B ready hater as I am a Dan Marino hater, but one won big, the other is just a figment of so many’s imagination.

Imagine how we are to believe that 26 of 28 teams blew it on Dan, then multiply that by 7. Tom was picked after 198 players were, and to make matters worst, his pick was a compensatory pick in the 6th round! I mean, let us not think that anyone was a genius over this, nobody, including the Patriots 6 times, felt that Tom was worthy of anything higher.

Born and raised in San Mateo, he grew a 49er fan. He would attend games at Candlestick to root for his favorite player, Joe Montana. Imagine the feeling of being considered on par with Joe? These are stories you tell your kids about. Raised a good Catholic boy, Tom was always a model citizen.

He played at the University of Michigan, and joined a NE group that didn’t really need a QB, because Drew Bledsoe was the king there. Patriots were already a good team, ready to make runs.

Game one of Brady’s rookie year, the Patriots had lost in Cincinnati week one, against the Bengals. They come home to play the division rivals, the NY Jets. NY LB Mo Lewis put an end to Bledsoe’s season, and Tom came in to be his replacement. Although, his first few games were not that good, he has been the best QB this division has ever seen, since that day….THANK YOU MO!

Tom has become a Jets hater, but nonetheless, I have to accept him for what he is. A tremendous force that has embellished Bill Belichick’s career and the ownership of Bob Kraft. Brady is on pace to be the best ever, period!

We have had the following divisional players in my rankings:

#7 Peyton Manning – this is the biggest reason these two were compared and squared off early on. Manning is a talent, but he is no Brady. Leading with fluff doesn’t equal leading with team work. Manning is very good, but he has never really been a true team player.

Honorable mentions: Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Joe Namath. Although Joe did win a SB, the other two fell short on a few occasions. They are excellent by any standards, but compared to Bradyis like comparing a boy to a man.

4 SBs are no small feat, only matched by joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw.

Brady Seasons


Brady Super

The moment I knew I hated Tom and he had arrived. I lived in CT in 2001, and most of my friends were Patriots homers. They had just beaten the Rams, and I walk into my usual Dunkin Donuts for my morning coffee. I was shocked to find live size cardboard cutouts of Tom everywhere. I was so sick that I actually considered boycotting Dunkin.


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