Penultimate Draft: J-E-T-S Edition


Penultimate Draft: J-E-T-S Edition
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Jets trade #6 pick and 2nd round pick for Browns #12, #19 and 2nd round pick. Browns really want Mariota and go up to get him.

1a) Todd Gurley RB from Georgia

The Jets are going to be a run heavy team in 2015. They got decent backs in Chris Ivory and Stevan Ridley but neither are the dominant feature back that Gurley is. in 2014 Gurley was a one man show at Georgia and defenses struggled to stop him, despite everyone knowing he was getting the ball. He had the ACL injury in November but the way modern medicine is, he has been making a speedy recovery and will be ready by Training Camp.  With Gurley they get a guy who can take over games by himself, could be used in the receiving game as well as the return game. He isn’t the greatest in pass protection but for what he brings in the run game, he would be a great choice if he checks out with the injury.

1b) Ereck Flowers OL from Da U

The right side of the offensive line is still an area that the Jets need to upgrade. Flowers was a LT at Miami and is a big athletic mauler who shows a lot of aggressiveness in rub blocking. He is versatile in that he has played both tackle positions. Still a work in progress in pass protection so RT is where he would start right away. He could also be put inside at Guard if needed. What Ereck gives the Jets is a solid lineman who helps in the run game and can open up lanes for their 1st round pick Gurley.

2nd) Eli Harold DE/OLB from Virginia

Jets now move to the defensive side of the ball with Harold. A solid pass rushing prospect, Harold is a very good athlete who has shown ability to create pressure at the QB from all angles. Still a developing prospect against the run and in coverage, I expect him to be a primary pass rushing specialist at first. If he develops his all around game, he can be a dominating Outside Linebacker who can create havoc in the backfield.

3rd) Bryce Petty QB from Baylor

With the new front office and head coach, they might want to draft their own guy and get a QB of the Future. Petty has all the tools you want, he has a strong arm, decent athlete, mechanics are good and he is a solid leader. However he is very raw as a NFL QB. At Baylor the offense was designed to naturally get guys open and he threw to his 1st read. He didn’t need to read defenses or throw with anticipation as guys were naturally wide open or if they weren’t, he scrambled or got sack. Also Petty struggled against pressure, especially up the middle which throws off his timing. Petty is a guy who isn’t ready year one as he needs to be locked in a film room to learn how to read defenses. Good news if Jets have a good bridge QB in Fitzpatrick. Petty isn’t an immediate fix at QB but he offers long term upside and has all talent to be a franchise QB.

4th) Chris Conley WR from UGA

Conley is a very good athlete at WR. He has good size at 6’2 and in the Combine showed he is a good runner and athlete. However if you watch the tape, he didn’t look so great (to be fair, the QB wasn’t that great either) and was inconsistent at receiver. Probably a reserve receiver at first, he is a solid prospect who could even move to the defensive side of the ball if he fails at WR. At worst he is a solid Special Teams player.

7th) Jeff Luc LB from Cincinatti

Jets get some needed LB depth with Luc. Very good against the run, he can develop into a solid run stuffing LB. Probably be a reserve linebacker early on as he offers nothing in pass coverage but you can always use some run stuffing linebackers.




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