Slick’s Weekly Overreactions- Week 11

Slick’s Weekly Overreactions- Week 11
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Week 11 Overreactions


Hmmm, another week, another three losses for the AFC East.  I mean thank god for the Pats or we could very well be looking at one of the worst divisions in the league…Well, let’s get to it.


Last place was a tough choice this week, so we’ll have to go with the worst loss of the week.  And that would be the New York Jets.  The Jets backed up their massive disappointment on the road last week with an even more massive disappointment at home in their loss to the TJ Yates led Houston Texans.  Yates, a man who was unemployed just a week ago came out and made the vaunted Jets defense look like a sieve.  Not only that, but Cecil Shorts the third threw as many TD passes as Ryan Fitzpatrick.  And just for good measure, after getting burned repeatedly by DeAndre Hopkins, the great Darrelle Revis tapped out with hurt feelings.  What a joke.  The Jets are done, anyone who thought this team could be a playoff team was kidding themselves.

In second to last, we smell the Fish.  The Dolphins came out in a driving rain storm to see Tony Romo throw his first pass since week 2 of the season with his left hand and from there, the rout was on.  The Fins never stood a chance against one of the more laughable teams in the league, they get a solid excuse in that it was Romo’s first game back, that’s the only reason that they are not in last place.  Now for the record watch.  The Great Ryan Tannehill was aiming to be the first QB to be safetied four games in a row, but this being the holiday season, Ryan felt that it would be far kinder of him to give up three weeks’ worth of safety points in just one terrible throw.   Yup there’s your highlights, nothing from Big Sue, nothing from Miko, nothing from Dan Campbell.  Looks like another long week of Oklahoma drills in Davie.



And in third to last place we find Rex and the picked over carcass of the Buffalo Bills.  The Bills played a hell of a game on Monday night against the Pats, but once again New England fan favorite Leodis McKelvin came up big when the Pats needed him most.  The Bills were actually able to get what they wanted, an ugly defensive game, against the Pats, but when push came to shove, they made the mistakes it took to lose the game.  That’s the difference between playoff teams and teams that haven’t seen that glory in a decade and a half.  Let’s look for some positives….hmmm, well the secondary was able to keep Rob Gronkowski under control by what appeared to be a combination of pretty good coverage and what appeared to be “popcorn fingers” (a seldom used strategy by where you offer you opponent a bucket of extra buttery popcorn prior to the game thus making his fingers extra slippery).  Hey and if I’m not mistaken, Only Rex took a dumb personal foul, so there’s that….


And now the winner.


The New England Patriots (or at least what’s left of them) are by far the dominant team in this division.  The Pats are working with a depleted roster right now, (Something that is amazing since they supposedly spend all that money that they don’t spend on good players on “depth” players…) the offensive line is in shambles and probably could be replaced by the unit from BC High without showing any real decline, the receiving corps features guys Chris Harper and the secondary has something called Melvin running around bumping into things (not to mention Pat Chung moonlighting as a nickel corner…), yet the one constant is Tom Brady so Pats fans have nothing to fear.  Back to the game…while the score was close and the game looked like a grind from the outset, most people outside of Erie County had no doubt that the Bills were not going to be able to muster enough points against the surprisingly stingy Pats defense.  Sorry Bills Mafia, but you need to be able to sustain drives and score TDs to beat the Pats.  So ho hum, the Pats are on to play the Denver Osweillers this week.  Too bad we were cheated out of one more Brady/ Manning showdown.

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