The State of the AFC East: Week 5


The State of the AFC East: Week 5
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The New England Patriots
The Brady Train keeps on rolling along, dropping another 30 points on the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas. The Cowboys are a mess right now, but they still should have been able to do a little better than a measly 6 points. The rest of us are probably going to have to endure yet another Patriots Super Bowl appearance, hopefully against the Giants (they’re due, it’s been 4 years).
Offensively, the Patriots OL struggled against the Dallas pass rush. Odd, you might think, considering the Patriots had no issues against more talented defensive lines. Well, obviously the infallible Bill Belichick didn’t think much of Dallas’ pass rush abilities since he decided to throw in more than a few 5 and 7 step drops that the actually not very good Patriots OL couldn’t handle. Once the Patsies decided to go back to throwing the ball in under 2 seconds, the offense got rolling and it was game over.
Defensively, well… what can you say? They allowed only 6 points, but they did come from Brandon Weeden, so that can be taken as a positive or a negative. There were several penalties, but with the way this game is officiated these days, they were probably totally fictitious. Only allowing 264 total yards on 66 plays is actually kind of impressive, but again, Brandon Weeden.
Week 7 has the Patriots facing off against the 2014 AFC Runner Ups in Indianapolis. This is going to be ugly. Patriots 77, Colts 23.
The Buffalo Bills
Oh, Bills. The good news is they beat the Titans for the first time since 2000 and they did it in Nashville. The bad news is they beat a pretty bad team with a rookie QB by one whole point.
For the second week in a row, the Bills’ offense looked like a D3 school facing Alabama in the first half. They managed a paltry 55 total yards in 2 quarters and zero points. It was horrible to watch, so much so that I gave up and decided to spend my weekend doing something less painful, like swallowing a cocktail of broken glass and hydrofluoric acid. Then TyGod happened. On the box score, it was not impressive. In the second half, he went 5-6 for 79 yards and a TD and ran four times for 77 yards another TD. He almost literally dragged that offense to a win against its will. In TyGod we trust.
The Bills defense is coming around. They were great against the Colts and Dolphins, when playing with a lead and an offense that was moving the ball basically at will. This was the first time this year that they went on to the field, saw their offense get hosed, and did something about it. Sure, it was just the Titans, but they shut them down. By rights, this should have been a blowout win by the Titans, but the Bills D stood tall in the first half and only allowed 3 points, allowing the offense a little room to breathe in the second half. The run defense was particularly stout.
Week 7, Bengals at Bills. Tyrod could miss the game. McCoy could miss the game. Watkins could miss the game. Ouch. Bengals 23, Bills 13.
The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets
These teams are fresh off the bye after the London misadventure. The Dolphins have a new interim HC who likes to be a tough guy. They get to face the Titans in Nashville. Given the Dolphins performance through 4 weeks, I would not be confident. Titans 23, Dolphins 16
The Jets will host the up and down Redskins in New Jersey. Coming off a bye, at home, against a team they should beat? I wouldn’t bet actual money on the Jets not to screw this up, but… Jets 27, Redskins 24.


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