The Josh Allen Report: Week 2

The Josh Allen Report: Week 2
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Week 2 is behind us and overall, it was a tragic week in the NFL with a rash of major injuries. Thankfully, the Bills emerged relatively unscathed and look to return two key defenders from injury for Week 3. A surprisingly vulnerable defense left the Bills open to an upset at the hands of the hapless Dolphins, but Josh Allen rose to the occasion magnificently.
The Good: The whole article could be this section. Josh turned in what was easily his best game as a pro, exceeding even the stellar performance last year on Thanksgiving, to the tune of 417 yards, four touchdowns, and zero turnovers. He was on target and on time with the vast majority of his throws and he clearly trusted his star receiver Stefon Diggs to win contests catches. That’s not to say it was a one man show in the WR group, because Allen again spread the ball around effectively, completing passes to eight difference receivers for the second consecutive week. He even got two more rookies involved with Gabe Davis and Reggie Gilliam both collecting their first NFL touchdown receptions. Allen also silenced some critics on the subject of his deep ball, going seven for eight on the day for 235 yards and one touchdown. That’s beyond good.
The Bad: There really wasn’t much bad in this game. The naysayers will point at a few slightly off-target throws as if every QB in the league doesn’t throw similar passes every week. They’ll conveniently ignore the times there was clear miscommunication between the quarterback and the receiver and blame it on Allen being inaccurate. Disregard these people. They see what they want to see and they’ll do any mental gymnastics required to justify their pre-draft conclusions on Allen.
The Ugly: There is no ugly! The ugly will come whenever this magical increase in efficiency, accuracy, and passing volume evaporates, which may come as soon as Week 3 against a talented Rams team that is currently firing on all cylinders. It’s a shame that a big time home game won’t have any Bills Mafia representing in the stands.
On an unrelated note:
Stefon Diggs is like, really good at football.
The running game was far more efficient compared to Week 1, on a YPC basis. Why run the ball when you’re shredding a secondary like Allen was though?
Reminder – the Bills are the only winners in the division for Week 2. Buncha losers.


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