TSR Dynasty League Power Rankings


TSR Dynasty League Power Rankings
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Here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for, the 2015 Fantasy Football power rankings. The Power Ranking will be based on the 2015 season, so don’t get your panties all in a bunch if your well setup for the future team isn’t ranked where you think it should be. In addition, all rankings are final, there will be no changes in the rankings and you all should forfeit the season now.

icon_07_100#10 – i’m better than you aka Manhertz aka Slick

Preseason Starting Lineup: QB: Aaron Rodgers WR: Amari Cooper WR: Michael Floyd WR: Vincent Jackson RB: Marshawn Lynch RB: Lamar Miller TE: Rob Gronkowski FLEX: Kendall Wright

Let’s face it, you deserve this, I’m supposed to be allowed to draft every Patriot, taking Gronk 2nd overall was just rude. In all seriousness, this team is set up nicely for the future with a core of young guys in Aaron Rodgers, Amari Cooper, Gronk, Michael Floyd and Lamar Miller. But they could struggle a little out of the gate as Floyd is now injured, Miller’s OL is Miller’s OL, Gronk may not be receiving passes from a HOFer and Cooper will take a few weeks to get going as a rookie. Marshawn Lynch and Vincent Jackson are beast from the past, will they still put up the big numbers in 2015? EXCELLENT trade for a kicker, big move right there.

manning#9 – Manning Face aka Archer

Preseason Starting Lineup: QB: Andrew Luck WR: Emmanuel Sanders WR: Martavis Bryant WR: Golden Tate RB: Eddie Lacy RB: Tevin Coleman TE: Greg Olsen FLEX: Larry Donnell

Archer came out of the draft with what is likely the safest, best bet over the next 10 years. Andrew Luck will throw for 40 TDs many times, 5,000 yards many times and likely win MVP many times. No #1 WR could end up hurting this bunch, only way any of Golden Tate, Emmanuel Sanders or Matavis Bryant lead their team in targets is with a rash of injuries. What is lacking with the WRs is made up for with the RBs as Eddie Lacy and Tevin Coleman look to be the lead backs for their squads for 5+ years. Tevin Coleman needs to shake off that hammy though.

YAC#8 – YAC City Betch aka Me aka Nossorc

Preseason Starting Lineup: QB: Ben Rothlisberger WR: Mike Evans WR: Jarvis Landry WR: Andre Johnson RB: DeMarco Murray RB: TJ Yeldon TE: Martellus Bennett FLEX: John Brown

This is a power ranking for here and now, so I’m being as impartial as I can be. My squad isn’t the same without Le’Veon Bell the first 2 weeks. Will be looking to make a massive Hooded-like run to close out the season, but the first 2 weeks will be an uphill battle without Bell. Very little depth at RB so once Bell returns, I decree no one is allowed to get injured. Archer, phone in a favor to Luck for me, pass the ball to Andre Johnson.

7VgyJhfy#7 – Homerun Darby aka Linkage

Preseason Starting Lineup: QB: Ryan Tannehill WR: Calvin Johnson WR: Julian Edelman WR: Jeremy Maclin RB: Lesean McCoy RB: Latavius Murray TE: Jimmy Graham FLEX: Roddy White

Archer says your team name actually precludes you from winning the championship, but I think you’ll get a fighting chance. Calvin is poised for a massive comeback after a bit of a down year for him, Stafford will throw to him as much as ever and Calvin’s career is far from finished. Depth of WRs and RBs looks a little sketchy as Latavius Murray and Roddy White try to round into fantasy form. Kind of a rough situation you have going on there rooting for Tannehill every week.

ODB#6 – Down with ODB aka nikvoodoo

Preseason Starting Lineup: QB: Drew Brees WR: Odell Beckham WR: Jordy Nelson WR: Kelvin Benjamin RB: Alfred Morris RB: Rashad Jennings TE: Zach Ertz FLEX: DeSean Jackson

Nik came away from the draft in a fairly prominent position, Yahoo ranked him as the crowned winner and the rest of us almost quit. Then we remembered it was July. How quickly things change as Arian Foster is now out for a few months and the landscape changes on a dime. Drew Brees will likely still throw the ball 600 times, but to who? We’re getting into solid roster territory in the rankings and Nik seems to have some players on the bench ready to fill in admirably.

suh#5 – Suh Happy aka FinFan

Preseason Starting Lineup: QB: Peyton Manning WR: Keenan Allen WR: Jordan Matthews WR: Mike Wallace RB: Adrian Peterson RB: Jamaal Charles TE: Jordan Cameron FLEX: Jeremy Hill

Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles and Jeremy Hill. Yea that’ll do at the RB position. Where are we everywhere else though? Jordan Cameron, Peyton Manning and Keenan Allen will be worth keeping an eye on health wise, all in interesting spots, albeit different spots, in their careers where the long NFL season could prove rocky.

Thumbs#4 – ThumbCrushers aka ThumbCrushers, Inc. aka Luciano

Preseason Starting Lineup: QB: Tony Romo WR: Antonio Brown WR: Alshon Jeffrey WR: Brandon Marshall RB: Melvin Gordon RB: Andre Ellington TE: Travis Kelce FLEX: Julius Thomas

Melvin Gordon is my favorite rookie this year, I think he ends up with a massive workload out in San Diego and although they have some OL worries, they will do their best to set him up for success, he just needs to avoid Ryan Mathews type health. Luciano also was able to snatch up the reigning receiving champion who is poised to continue huge success as possibly the most dynamic receiver in the game. Luciano went with the old Bears receiving duo with two huge targets with rocky QB situations. High-risk, high-reward.

hooded#3 – Pimpin’ Ain’t Easley aka Defending Champ aka Hooded

Preseason Starting Lineup: QB: Philip Rivers WR: Demaryius Thomas WR: AJ Green WR: DeAndre Hopkins RB: Mark Ingram RB: Carlos Hyde TE: Tyler Eifert FLEX: Marques Colston

It was tempting to rank Hooded lower than this because as of right now he is on pace for about 200 or so transactions, which leads me to believe he more probably than not is generally aware that his team sucks. But those WRs are pretty much all locked in #1s on their respective teams. His RBs feel like they leave a little bit to be desired but Ingram could be poised for a lot of work particularly in the passing game as the Saints decided they didn’t want to keep any skill players this offseason.

Dezt#2 – Its Deztiny aka IyceMan aka SayIt2myFACE

Preseason Starting Lineup: QB: Matt Ryan WR: Dez Bryant WR: TY Hilton WR: Brandin Cooks RB: Matt Forte RB: Justin Forsett TE: Austin Seferian-Jenkins FLEX: Allen Robinson

Iyced went with the midgets after drafting Mr. Bryant 1st overall, TY Hilton and Brandin Cooks will look to rack up high catch numbers without being decapitated, by Dez, who has decided despite getting a huge contract, he is not going to stopping fighting people. Sights set on an old and aging RB duo, they are the clear #1 backs on their squads and should be poised to come close to 2014’s performance.

CJ#1 – CJ&CJ Atty’s at Ball aka CJ Will Blow Your Mind

Preseason Starting Lineup: QB: Russell Wilson WR: Julio Jones WR: Randall Cobb WR: Sammy Watkins RB: CJ Anderson RB: Jonathan Stewart TE: Jason Witten FLEX: Jonas Gray

I like this team with the exception of Russell Wilson, not convinced he will ever be of real fantasy relevance. Still believe that CJ Anderson is going to be the fantasy pick of the year (snagged him in the 3rd round) as Peyton’s game plans continue to get closer to the line of scrimmage with more short passes. Julio Jones will need to stay healthy all year for a deep playoff run and I expect Frank Gore to be the eventually starter at RB in the flex over Jonas Gray.


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